5 comments on “Vatican: Our Lady of Guadalupe unifies Americas

  1. a gentle iconoclast says:

    Thanks, Scarlett! I subscribe to this but missed this post.
    Also read about the Pope’s statement that dogs go to heaven. You should see this, because though we’ve got to be serious, and there are so many serious things, you may laugh at this – at least part of this post.

    • Scarlett says:

      Maria, we evangelicals must begin to take the Vatican ecumenical thrust very seriously. I can see that very clearly, especially since the installation of this Jesuit pope, Francis. It has begun escalating to a most threatening extent. We are in danger of becoming yet another “catholic” country. The Vatican is pushing the governments immigration policy with every possible means.
      Yes, the pope does and says many absurd, unholy and un-scriptural things but his adoring groupies buy it hook, line and sinker,and without question.

      • a gentle iconoclast says:

        You’re right. This isn’t a time to laugh. I do take their evangelism very seriously. Right now online I can’t say more. Only that we must pray as never before. Forgive me for treating any of this lightly. Lord bless you, Scarlett!

      • Scarlett says:

        There is nothing that needs to be forgiven dear sister. Sometimes I think we need to laugh to keep from crying. But as you said, we must press on in prayer, most of all for our brothers and sisters, our families, and our own walk. How else will any of us be able to be able to stand in the days ahead without the strength of the Lord helping us?
        May peace and grace be multiplied to you Maria

      • a gentle iconoclast says:

        Thank you for your kindness, Scarlett, and for sharing the wisdom you have from God’s Word and from walking with the Lord Jesus Christ!

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