Prayer and Fasting: Not an Option

“Now, thus saith the Lord. It is a time when you must draw near to the Spirit of God. Doing that will bring us into strength for the fight that is to come.

We must spend time in fasting. We MUST fast! Without fasting you cannot walk in the spiritual power that I have called you to. That is why My Son, on this earth, spent His time fasting on a regular basis. Read My Gospels. In there you will find that My Son Jesus fasted continually; spent much time fasting, much time in prayer, sometimes all night in prayer—and this was His spiritual strength.

You must walk in this. If you are to walk and be victorious against satan, against evil that is to come, you MUST learn to fast before Me.

Spend time in the Word. Spend time in prayer. Spend MUCH time in prayer! In this time you will learn from the Spirit of God, from the will of God, by the might of God. You will learn the ways that I want you, as an individual, to walk; the call that I want you to be involved in (for everyone has a calling—every single person has a calling).

There is no one that is not of My kingdom that I do not call to something. It may be a very low calling. Or it may be a very high calling. But whatever it is, it is your responsibility as a Spirit filled christian to learn to walk after the call of God in your life. It may be only to help your church, to witness, and to lead people to the Lord—do simple things like this—that may be all I call you to do. Many have only that calling. But many more will be noticed standing up, shouting from the house tops, from the mountain tops the very things that I call them to say.

For I have called a new breed of prophets. And you’ll begin to see those people as they stand up and say,” this is a time to serve the Lord.” And heed them!

Watch out for false prophets. There are many such false prophets. By their fruits you shall know them. Listen to My Spirit. I will even show you in My Spirit, in your prayer time, in your fasting time—I will show what’s a false prophet, what’s a true prophet. I will direct you. You will not be misled.

But heed My true prophets, for they are there. And they will walk, and they will be strong. And I will bring you up a breed, and am bringing up a breed of new prophets in this time, which will not fear man, but will fear God, and God’s place will be upon him.”

Thomas Gibson prophetic word

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