Why Did Jesus Hate the Doctrines and Deeds of the Nicolaitanes?

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Why did Jesus say He HATED the Doctrines and the Deeds of the Nicolaitans? Do you think it just possibly might be due to just some of the men, and their deeds included in this video? Read on in Rory Moore’s fine article below to understand just what, and who, the Nicolaitans were, and are, in today’s churches, and why Jesus HATES IT! And by the way, Nicolaitans don’t have to be TV evangelists that live better than most kings; they can operate out of dinky little street corner churches, main stream organized church denominations,in store fronts. OR, even on the INTERNET..!! It’s the way they operate, lording over the LORD’S flock in an authoritarian manner, rather than as a humble, loving servant shepherd that marks them as a Nicolaitan.


Thursday, March 10, 2011
Nicolaitane Errors as Their Mystery is Revealed

Overcoming The End-Time Nicolaitanes
“neither as lords…

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One comment on “Why Did Jesus Hate the Doctrines and Deeds of the Nicolaitanes?

  1. Scarlett says:

    T. Austin Sparks hits the nail on the head, about what is wrong with Christianity and the churches who gather in His name. The same thing could be said of many of the “fellowships” and house churches.

    I wonder, how many articles and pleas, like true watchmen such as T. Austin Sparks will be written or taught, even by blog posts such as the one above regarding Nicolaitanism, before the death sleep of Christians wake up to the reality that their “traditions” are false and will sweep them away with the unbelievers?

    Some will indeed come out of their death sleep, but personally, I think as Sparks does, that it will take a great shaking of the LORD.

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