Did Jesus the Healer tell the Blind Man His Office wasn’t Open?

Is divine healing for today?
Yes! The obvious answer to all Christians should be YES, the Lord Jesus not only can, but does heal today! So, then why are so many Christians sick?

Did the Lord Jesus ever say to anyone who came to Him for healing, “Sorry, my office hours are 9 til noon, closed for lunch, and then open from 1 til 5. If this is an emergency call 911”?

Could it just be that because of false teachings, man-made doctrines and traditions of men, unbelief has crept in like a thief into our assemblies and weakened and even stolen our faith for healing? Without a doubt, I believe this is a huge factor why so many have departed from the pure gospel of Lord Jesus. If “faith comes by hearing, (the Word of God)”, which it does, then hearing negative input, either from false teachings, whether in church or the world this is going to have a negative effect on our faith.

There are multitudes of ‘churches’ in the land where every Sunday, families go to worship, praise and supposedly/hopefully/maybe… hear what the Lord is saying to the church. Yet, the fact is that the majority of them are visiting doctors offices for their various ailments, or looking for some other ‘alternative miracle cure” .

I even hear some of my dear spiritfilled friends say, “Oh, I believe the Lord can heal”, or, “I believe the Lord will heal in His own time”, and yet, perhaps years later, they are still suffering from the same disease or malady; or even worse, departed from this life prematurely. Question? Did Lord Jesus heal this way? Did the Lord Jesus tell folks they could be healed but they’d have to wait, (and suffer), until He got good and ready to heal them? Of course not! Why do Christians make up this stuff? Why don’t they just trust God at His Word? Why do they tear pages out of the bible?

If churches who claim to be bible believing would start teaching FAITH and the passages on HEALING, folks would start getting faith for healing down in their spirit and multitudes would start receiving healing for their minds, bodies and deliverance from their bondages and addictions. And multitudes of others would be standing in line to get into these churches, instead of leaving by the droves.

I’m afraid that too many Christians have one foot in the world and another in Christianity. They are saying “just trust in the finished work of the Cross”, yet not taking into account that part of the Lord Jesus suffering was for not just their spiritual salvation, but for their physical and mental healing as well.

“And He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.” 1Peter: 2-24

Whether you personally, or someone dear to you needs healing, there are those in the church and in the world that will benefit by what you will gain by these teachings. It is imperative to get ahold of this, building up your most holy and precious faith.

Faith without doubting is what God is looking for. Make no mistake about it…doubt will negate your healing in a millisecond. I know, I’ve had it happen when that “little negative thought of doubt” came into my mind and I lost a healing and then had to quickly repent and ask forgiveness for doubting!!


This is a very good, indeed awesome series of audios on healing.
If only all churches would believe in, teach and appropriate this faith for healing, I would feel led to support them. However, I came out of “spiritfilled” churches operating in the gifts of the spirit, prophecy, the word of knowledge, who to this very day are full of sick people who never seem to get healed.

Something is very wrong with this picture. The fault cannot be God’s, therefore we should re-examine the reasons that folks are not getting healed. May I suggest two things; it’s either unbelief, (lack of sufficent faith) and/or some hidden or unconfessed sin. Add that to false teaching, man made doctrines and traditions of men that make the word of God of none effect and you have your answer.

It’s all in the scriptures my friends. Search it out for yourselves and be amazed at how God is faithful to watch over His word to perform it. One thing you can count on is the Truth of God in the scritures as practiced and verified by the very deeds of the Lord Jesus as He walked this earth; taught, and healed ALL who came to Him.

More to come in comments…

5 comments on “Did Jesus the Healer tell the Blind Man His Office wasn’t Open?

  1. Scarlett says:

    Dear Carol,
    Thank you for your gracious reply. To answer, please allow me to say that the Lord Jesus is indeed very merciful and long suffering toward his children. As such, like any good parent he desires the very best for his children, which of course includes healing, as well as victory in our walk with Him and in our lives.

    Of course, He is Sovereign, and can and does heal at His discretion, even unbelievers. However, His Blood bought children, who know His Word, (or are supposed to), the Lord expects them to lay hold on His promises and obey His righteous commandments and operate in faith toward them.

    The Word is not talking about sins committed in ignorance, but those sins that seem to control us and that we continue to commit in spite of knowing better, and/or refuse to repent of.

    In this case, the Lord may choose to withhold healing…(or other blessings) until that besetting sin is repented of. Such as unforgiveness,for example.



  2. CMD says:

    Scarlett re: healing do you believe all of are sins were forgiven at Jesus’ death and resurrection? The reason I ask is because in your article you said one of the reasons a person might not experience healing is because of some unconfessed sin.

    • Scarlett says:

      The way the bible reads is that ALL our sins are forgiven when we repent and begin to follow Jesus Christ, in sincerity. however, if we continue on to sin after conversion, no, I do not believe those sins are forgiven unless confessed and repented of.

      • Carol Debnam says:

        Thank you for your honest reply. How can we confess them all correctly without leaving one out or maybe not knowing that something We Did Not Do and should have done was a sin? I do believe we should acknowledge that we are wrong and tell God we are sorry and thank Him that we were forgiven the day we were born again of His Spirit. It seems you’re saying He is holding back healing until we can identify that one unconfessed sin. I personally could not do that to my own child. Grace wouldn’t allow me to do so and love. I respect your personal opinion. Just sharing mine. Peace and love to you.

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