Lester Sumrall-The Homosexual Abomination

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Homosexuals have labeled their agenda and themselves as “gay” trying to redefine their depraved, ungodly lifestyles into something more politically acceptable. To a large extent, due to public ignorance and the general turning away from God in America, they’ve been successful in doing that. However. God has not changed His mind. The LORD GOD is not swayed by human politics. Nor will He ever give his stamp of approval to homosexuality.

I detest the use of the term “gay” to describe homosexual activity, and think we should call a spade a spade and call it what it is, “sodomy”.

In this remarkable video, Lester Sumrall expounds on the Word of God on this homosexual epidemic that is sweeping America and the world. Toward the end of the video, Brother Sumrall speaks the word of God in prophecy, and a serious warning about the evil of homosexuality and a dire warning…

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