Why Atheists Always Seem To Win Debates With Christians

Everyone Has A Story... Again

christianity_vs_atheism_poster_new I hate running across “debates” between avowed atheists and Christians. Lately, I am finding them everywhere! They read like two people from different countries arguing in languages that the other one has no comprehension of. Faith and Proof are not able to coexist with one another, for the moment, at least.

First let me say this. I have very good friends that are atheists, and I am a Christian, so this is not an “All Athiests Are Schmucks” post. It’s more like a reminder to my fellow Christians about this sort of thing. So, before all the atheists start pointing out they do not like things I am saying, please let me point out that this post is for active, practicing Christians using the words used in the Bible. It just is what it is, whether you agree or not. The Bible is what I accept as the truth.


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