For Spiritual Hunger we Need the Bread of Life, not Cake

So, how do you get what John Lake had? OK, not by laying on his grave like the foolish so-called “grave suckers” are doing. These people that are going around to now dead Christians who were known to have operated in the healing or other powerful gifts of the Spirit of God, and laying on their graves erroneously believing they will be imparted with the same anointing that the dead Christian had.

You would think these people were living in the dark ages instead of 2014 with the knowledge of God right in their bibles and readily available.

Then, how do you get what John Lake had? You get it by doing what John Lake did. You say, how did John Lake get what he had? Again, he got it not by laying on some anointed dead Christians grave….he got it by studying what the Lord Jesus Christ did, and then doing that. Even our Lord Jesus only did what the Father told him to do. And it worked.

We learn, and we receive by imitating what the Master did, and following his instruction. There are no shortcuts. It is done by diligent obedience. We need the same spiritual hunger that John Lake had. We need to hunger for the Bread of Life; hunger for more of the Lord Jesus Christ, not for cake that’s devoid of spiritual nourishment that does nothing to satisfy or benefit us spiritually.

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