ICV Kids Animated Bible by Church Anarchist

I post some heavy stuff about the organized church, maybe too much sometimes. My main motivation is that I love Jesus and I would like to see as many others set free from organized churchianity as possible. So, it is my fervent hope and prayer that some soul trapped in one of these bird cages will see something I write and recognize their need to fly the coop.

Anyways, as I pondered this, I thought to myself, “Maybe I’m just an anarchist…..an anarchist for Jesus.” So, out of curiosity I typed those words into my search bar, and low and behold, guess what popped up.

This guy is an ex-pastor that became one of us, a church exiter, and now has developed some great videos as well as the ability to start creating some pretty funny, but telling cartoons. And who says Jesus is not in this? No one except maybe the people that go to instutional chuches.

Now, I’m feeling relieved that I’m not the only anarchist for Jesus out there in cyberworld. Not only that, it’s not everyday you can take a poke at the Institutional Church and have fun doing it.

3 comments on “ICV Kids Animated Bible by Church Anarchist

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Hey Scarlett, this is great!

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