Wickedness in High Places

Bread for the Bride

“Wicked” is a strong, soto-obey-is-better-than-sacrificeme would say harsh, word.  It’s not a word most of us would want applied to us.  Yet it’s exactly the word Jesus used to describe a certain kind of servant who for all intents and purposes appeared outwardly loyal and dedicated.  In Luke 19:11-27 Jesus tells one of His frequent parables.  This particular parable has many rabbit trails down which we could wander, but for now I want to focus specifically on why Jesus singled out this servant with such strong language (v.22).

The parable relates the story of three servants whose master departs to receive a kingdom, promising to return as a king.  Before leaving he entrusts ten of his servants with a substantial amount of money and commands them “Carry on business until my return.”  There are others in the story also who openly rebel against the man’s rule over…

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