Can You Tell a Tare from the Wheat?

This needs to be posted again….just in case some church folks still think it’s OK to welcome tares, aka leaven, into their fellowships so, “They can grow up together”.

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

The Wheat and the Tares:

How many times have you heard someone in the church say something to this effect, “Let the wheat and the tares grow up together”? I have. It’s become what one might call a man made tradition in the church. Why is that? Well, because when used in that context, what church folk mean, is that we are supposed to allow the tares…in the church…remain there, and then at harvest time, the LORD will do the separating himself.

OK, that may seem very spiritual of these church going Christians, but…is that what Jesus really taught? I’ve gone over this teaching a number of times, and I can’t find one scripture reference that indicates that tares are supposed to be allowed to grow in the church, which is supposed to be the Body of Christ. Why in the world would Jesus want tares in the church when…

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One comment on “Can You Tell a Tare from the Wheat?

  1. lenbenheart says:

    I believe that the scriptural concept of “wheat and tares” … and *their opposing destinies* is one of the most pivotal of ALL scriptural insights and truths.

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