Sacred Space

Bread for the Bride

IFWe sit comfortably on specially provided green plastic chairs, our bottled water, with our Bibles, close at hand on the small table that serves as a pulpit.   The young girls have lovingly covered the old table with a pristine white lace tablecloth…..a prized possession in this small house.  Outside the half open door people wander or cycle down the road, sometimes turning to glimpse inside with curiosity.  A mosquito is biting at my ankle and the pervasive scent of poverty dominates the air around us.

It is our last meeting in Yangon, Myanmar, before departing for Kuala Lumpur then onto Australia the next morning.  After three days of seminar teaching we have come to our host’s house church to share fellowship and worship with those who live and gather here.  It has taken over an hour to get here this morning by taxi through chaotic Yangon traffic.  It is the…

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One comment on “Sacred Space

  1. Scarlett says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    I suppose it is no mistake that this very morning after reading your post, I have been sitting here thinking about these precious Myanmar saints, and doing a bit of research about them online trying to find out how they might be helped financially. Although we here in the US have our share of empoverished people who also need help….in the Appalachian mountain section of this country for example; poverty seems to be a relative thing in a sense…..(theirs compared to ours). Jesus said there would always be the poor amongst us, and this has proven to be true down through the ages. But in other scriptures all through the bible we have been admonished to reach out to them with our substance, as unto Him.

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