An Emotional Cancer – Bitterness

Everyone Has A Story... Again

nelson-mandela-leaving-all-the-bitterness-anger-fear-hatred-behind-when-he-left-prison Back when Chef and I were doing our Marriage Death Dance, I often voiced concern about not letting all that was happening make me bitter and angry for the remainder of my life here on earth. I can say happily, that hasn’t been the direction I took. Life’s too short for that crap.

However, I’m renting a room from a woman who took that sad, lonely path 20+ years ago, and to say that this experience has been unpleasant would be a giant understatement.

I’m in a whole new sort of crisis.

I would have to say that I’m generally spot on when assessing a person I meet. I knew during the interview that this landlord, (we’ll call her Janet), had some deep wounds from her own marriage falling apart decades ago. She spent a great deal of time explaining to me, in detail,  the pain she had felt when…

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