No Fellowship – No Problem!

While I do long for a real time, face to face, breaking bread together, I do have fellowship with other brethren online. Until and if that face to face ekklesia is provided, the All Sufficient One has proven to be more than enough. We must indeed learn to put Jesus first in our lives above all else, even above our own desires.

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No Fellowship?  No Problem!
Chip Brogden

You will never truly appreciate or benefit from fellowship until you have learned how to live without it.

There already is a fellowship of saints.  It is a spiritual fellowship, and it is based on Christ having the preeminence – not the fellowship having preeminence.  All this yearning for fellowship and being with others is the result of being hung-over from the religious system.  You’re trying to fill a void that religion used to fill.

The purpose of solitude in the spiritual desert is to get you to see that Jesus is Enough.  You’re not going to die from lack of fellowship, but if you don’t learn that Jesus is Enough then spiritually speaking you’re dead already. He’s the One you need to be focused on – not starting a fellowship, not finding a home group, not making something happen with other people.

And already…

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