heed not the motivation of fear

Beautiful post and well said. Yet this and so much more is what Voice of the Martyrs, VOM, promotes, including the antichrist message of ecumenism. Also, it seems very strange, that VOM has continued to fund the rebuilding of churches in non Christian countries, that are continually being blown up and/or burned to the ground, along with the people inside. VOM has very effectively used the suffering and persecuted saints approach in order to garner donations from compassionate Christians. However, we need to look deeper into what they actually stand for, what they are teaching, as well as where our donations are going. I’m not convinced VOM is not a rogue “ministry” in sheep’s clothing.

Witnessing Encouragement

Hear My voice, I am the True Shepherd of the sheep, the thief comes to kill and destroy, but he comes as an angel of light!  from John10 and 2Cor11

I accepted an invitation from my girl friend, to go to a Christian conference at a Church building. I went because I wanted to spend time with her, and hear news of the suffering saints. I was given liberty from the Lord, to go, to hear what was being said these days, to Christian people at Church.

It was the VOM regional conference; the subject was persecuted believers in communist and Muslim countries. There were videos, pictures, testimonies
of these saints, and stories the speakers told, of their lives and suffering. I am always glad to hear of them, it is a sweetness and bittersweetness at the same time, the believers in hostile lands are so dear and sweet, but…

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