Food Fight at The Masters Table


Let me preface this post by saying I don’t belong to Facebook, or Pal Talk. I used to belong to Pal Talk a number of years ago. In the beginning I found a group where one could worship the LORD JESUS, and felt the Holy Spirit moving amongst those who gathered there. But that group disbanded for some reason. Since then, lets just say it seems to have become a haunt for every evil spirit out there, with constant infighting, insults, mud slinging and “bouncing out of the room” or “red dotting”, those who disagreed with, or questioned, even innocently, something the speaker is saying. And this, mind you, happens in “Christian” rooms.

After several bad experiences, I decided it wasn’t a healthy environment for spiritual growth and/or fellowship and so, I left and moved on.

Now, about Facebook, as I said, I never felt led to join, and having talked to a number of people about the goings on in even the Christian section of Facebook, I’m glad I didn’t. Really, I have enough on my “plate” as it is without taking on something else that I felt may possibly be a distraction from the LORD.

In any case, this post isn’t about distractions, per se, it’s about how Christians are treating each other on Facebook. And, more than that, how they are not bringing Glory to the LORD, and how they are abusing, even trashing the Master’s Banquet table of love. You see, if you are a Christian, you already know the LORD has prepared a table for you in the midst of your enemies. However, the enemies I’m speaking of, should not be one’s brethren. The word has gotten around how Christians are maligning each other on Facebook.

As I was thinking about the implications of this, a picture emerged in my mind of this massive food fight going on at the Master’s table with HIS PEOPLE who are called by His Name…picking up food from the LORD’S table, and throwing it at their brethren………those who Jesus suffered and died for. Adults, acting like children! Hence, the reason for the picture at the top of the page.

This is not only a waste of good, nourishing food meant to succor and benefit the spiritual body of these folks, but their brethren as well. And, then, it not only made a mess, but ended up on the ground, and was wasted.

Jesus never intended for The Bread of Life to be wasted in this way. And just as importantly, he never ever intended that His children behave in this manner.

Oh, is the worst thing that happened to you this week, that someone unfriended you on Facebook? Really? Or, did someone say something to make you mad and you are hurt and want to lash back because of the slight you endured, or to bring correction their errant and misguided doctrine? Be careful…Jesus, the Righteous One, and Judge, sees what happened, BUT, He is going to be watching to see how you react to it!


OK, if you KNOW FOR SURE, Christ wants you on Facebook, then who am I to say. But….as for indulging in food fights, i.e.; “word fights”, please let it not be so. In Jesus Name


8 comments on “Food Fight at The Masters Table

  1. oneta hayes says:

    My experience on facebook is much like my experience with blogging. I have wonderful encouragers there as well as here. The difference is mostly that bloggers like to write and mostly we have more writing skills than some FB people. FB is better for family news and chats. There is a heap of trouble that can come from either venue. Demands discernment and discipline. I’ve come to your blog from a “like” you put on my comment at Salvageable’s blog. Nice to visit you.

  2. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Pilgrim’s Progress revisited – Christiana on the narrow way and commented:
    Bless the Lord for how He works to correct us!

  3. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Scarlett, thank you!

  4. Mickey Merrie says:

    I call them My Face and Space Book… Never joined either. One Google Group was enough for me! That too disbanded.

    The main reason, I think, is that there are, as Paul said, “10,000 teachers” and Christ said, “every wind of doctrine…” It is plain to see that very few today, “endure sound doctrine.” The gospel “once given” is what Jesus gave to the Apostles and should be the plumb line we follow, rather then running to “anointed ones” to tell us what to think.

    Most folks, it is clear to see, do not read the scriptures for themselves as revealed by the Holy Spirit, but depend upon their anointed ones, commentaries, TV evangelists, and christian book stores to tell them what to think and believe! This is the very picture of, “blind leaders of the blind…” and the gathering after themselves sheep to fleece…sheep of other shepherds.

    Jeremiah said, “A wonderful (not in a good sense) and terrible thing has happened in the land! The prophets (really false for profits) prophesy lies and the priests (religious professionals) rule by their own authority and my people LOVE to have it so. But what will they do in the end there of?!”

    Jesus called it the thing He HATES, when he called it the deeds of the Nicolaitans… Nico=Nike to conquer and of course laitans=laity. The clergy laity divide so prevalent in the jesus Inc. franchises. They are no different then Chuck e Cheese as they put the mascot on display (sometimes) so you can find the building, but only the young want to see Chuck e as the real reason to go is the entertainment…

    Even the most fundamental fellowships meet to hear what their superstar has to say, which is mostly how he or she has got it right and then proceeds to give them the ammo to go shoot the rest of the professors who attend another denomination, while all claiming apostolic succession.
    Funny, but I see no denominational division in Christ or His Word!

    We left that foolishness behind over 10 years ago and have chosen rather to, “come out of her my people and sit at His feet learning of Him from Him, by His Word as revealed by the Holy Spirit!”
    Along the way we have found others who understand and fellowship with us both on line and in surrounding communities.

    Recently we found a good under shepherd about 30 miles from our home who sees and teaches accurately (preaching is done outside the fellowship of the saints to the lost and dying reprobate) But what is most perplexing and frustrating about this fellowship is that those who attend are, much to his dismay, perfectly happy to punch the time clock of attendance but refuse to grow. He has a couple of deacons who are quite content to handle common matters of physical operation, but don’t show spiritual growth.

    Recently he has begun a special elder preparation bible study, but it is thinly attended as they come ill prepared due to lack of self pre study. A couple of his attenders are amazed at the dedication I and a brother who comes with me from our home fellowship bible study bring to the table each week as we seek to support this minister. We can only hope that it helps spur on their dedication as well.

    Can you imagine a Timothy attempting to grow elders from decades long church attenders who resist spiritual growth? I see them as spiritual bonzai trees, that look mature, but are really stunted old miniature dwarfs…

    Lastly, the good news about the Good News is this: The fellowship Jesus builds and has called you in to, never has, isn’t now, and never will be prevailed against by the gates of hell.” The fellowship of the saints is healthy and growing, though scattered and walking the narrow and straight road!
    That huge crowd we think is the church are not His, are on the broad road, and are not broken but rather a cheap counterfeit of another… Thus it is time we take Him at His Word and see the Truth of what that other thing is and come out from it!

    If My people…that is, those who CALL THEMSELVES by My Name would HUMBLE THEMSELVES, turning from THEIR WICKED WAYS…

    They honor Me with THEIR LIPS, but their hearts are FAR FROM ME…

    But Lord! LORD!! they will cry, “We did all these things in your name…” Yet He casts them all out for they work inequity and are not known as His. Cast out to outer darkness where they will weep and gnash their teeth for they are not His sheep!

    These are they that fulfill the parables of the wicked servants, foolish virgins, fish cast from nets, goats and most importantly are the tares sewn in with the wheat by the wicked ones that choke out the fruitfulness of the true wheat and just exactly what we see happening in the jesus Inc. franchises as they invite the world in to what should only be the fellowship of the saints!

    Thanks for your faithfulness to Him Scarlett!

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you so much for this very profound response. It’s interesting that you are one of the first brethren I’ve come across that see as I do that the fellowship of the saints, the ekklesia, the Body of Christ is not to share His table with the unsaved sinners of the world who would come in and defile the Body. Paul warned about taking communion with the unsaved. No, the “church” has made a huge mistake in consorting with the heathen nations as the Hebrew children did, which the Lord forbade them to do, but warned it would be a snare and a thorn in their flesh if they did. As you know, these enemy nations were shadows and types of the spiritual enemies we are suppose to overcome, and not settle down with them, as the Hebrew children did.

      This is the apostasy we are seeing today, and indeed, it has become a snare to the majority of Christians, whereas the remnant, as the Bride, has had to set herself apart from this madness, as she waits for her Bridegroom.

      Why do Christians resist spiritual growth? It is no surprise that crucifying the flesh causes pain, and therein lies the problem. The flesh resists pain and it resists change because it wants to rule over the spirit, and so we see this, even in the Christian community. When the flesh is in control in these meetings, we see no evidence or demonstration of the Holy Ghost Power. That’s why, once you’ve had your spiritual eyes opened, it’s an astonishment to visit one of these churches, and watch this charade going on, all the while they are taking it serious. Stephen, when he was undergoing his passion, cried out to the same type of religionists, “Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.” (Acts 7:51)

      As for these so called Spiritual Rock Star preachers and teachers…His people seem to love to have it so, even as the Hebrews escaping from Egypt, partied, while Moses went up on the mountain, basically saying “Let Moses go do the talking to God, not us”. However, we have no Moses today…and as I told an acquaintance of mine, who likes to go to church but doesn’t care much for reading her bible, “If you are going to go to church and listen to what the preacher tells you what God said, then you’d better know the Word of God better than he does, because he may not be telling it the way it’s supposed to be…the gospel of Christ”, and you could be deceived”.

      I’m happy that you’ve seemed to have found a fellowship that is truly seeking the Lord. Pray much for the under-shepherd, and for discerning of spirits. I feel these who are resisting growth will either show a sign of willingness to grow, or they will leave. There seems to be some hindering spirits at work in this, as you’ve described it. God bless you so very much, Stay strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might. He can clean house of anything that’s hindering a move of His Spirit, but we need to pray that these hidden things will become manifest, so that we will know what we’re dealing with.

      Blessings always,

  5. Eliza says:

    Thank you for the godly reminder. I don’t belong to Facebook either. I once joined but then had no peace about it. So I immediately unsubscribed. God bless you:)

    • Scarlett says:

      Yes, Eliza, I seem to remember something in the scriptures about avoiding foolish arguments…and about not biting and devouring each other, as well as many others. Being at peace is a beautiful thing, especially with so much turmoil already in the world.

      Jesus bless you sister,

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