Many Will Be Offended

Beautiful, Cheryl. There is nothing I could possibly add to this thought ;provoking and touching post. Jesus bless you for standing for the love of the Truth.

Bread for the Bride

Visibly angry, the man with the long dark beard backed away from me as if to avoid catching a dreaded disease.  “Get away from me!  You are an offence to me!” he sputtered hatefully, eyes flashing with rage, face heavy with indignation.  Beside him his approving wife glared at me in agreement, while their two little children looked on, open mouthed with astonishment.    A minute later the deeply offended husband and wife were bustling their two little ones out through the store’s automatic front doors like someone had just announced an outbreak of the black plague. 

The setting was a large, well known Christian book store in Brisbane, Australia. I hadn’t entered the book store that Saturday morning looking to offend anyone, honestly. With my husband absorbed in a nearby hobby shop, I had wandered in just to kill some time.  As usual, the store was bustling with shoppers browsing…

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