Armstrongism and it’s doctrines have all the earmarks of a cult. And as such is guilty of spiritually abusing the very precious ones Jesus wanted to set free.
By placing himself, Herbert Armstrong, ahead of Jesus Christ as head of the Church, the Body of Christ, Armstrong made himself guilty of the thing Jesus said He hated in the Book of Revelation, and that is- “The Doctrine and Deeds of the Nicolaitans”, just have all other mainstream organized “churches” and cults who follow this insidious practice.
When a church deviates from placing Jesus as it’s center, it has already departed from the Faith. This is what Satan has always tried to do in one way or another, to either displace Jesus, or negate Him entirely.
It’s tragically unfortunate that any person has gotten involved in such a cult, but sometimes we go through trials, even such as this, to later come out and bring with us a testimony for Jesus….and a warning for others to learn from! The bible says, “All things work to the good for those that love and serve God”…so that means even such an unfortunate experience as being caught up in a deceptive spiritually abusive cult as Armstrongism, God can turn into a blessing in the end….because He IS A NOW GOD, the same yesterday, today and forever, and by His mighty SPIRITUAL POWER, He is well able to save, heal and deliver…spiritually from any and all wounds of the past. Praise His Name Forever!

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