Islam ‘Loves’ Men *Ahem* and Hates Women- That Much is Clear.

Is it true? Absolutely! When the Muslim gunboats would raid islands in Malaysia, those Christians who didn’t escape into the hills were forcibly “circumcised” with razor blades, no matter what the age….young and old, including infants. Can anything be more barbaric? I think not.

Flagellation and Crucifixion in Catholic Philippines

The Catholic Church in the Philippines says cases of demon possession, primarily of teens who don’t attend mass, and suggests wearing Catholic “sacred objects” to ward off demons. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? The Philippines are a Catholic country, and yet we see very little of the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ being practiced in people’s lives. Are the people so desperate they feel they need to flagellate and crucify themselves to get relieve from illness or demons tormenting them? The fact is that Catholicism is a cult, and only by turning fully to Jesus Christ and away from the Catholic cult controlling the spiritual life in this country can they be saved, healed and delivered from the bondage of demon oppression. 2 Timothy:9 Speaking of Jesus, “who saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus times eternal,” Only the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, can purge and take away sin. This cultish ritual of flagellation and crucifixion during Catholic “Holy Week” avails nothing! Yet, the Catholic Church in the Philippines claims that demon possession is mainly the result of not attending mass, and carrying their so-called “sacred objects”. How pleased do they think Jesus Christ is about the idolatry being practiced in this country? Is their a connection between the recent devastating typhoon and the judgment of God on this idolatry? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Lester Sumrall Cast Demons From Girl in Philippines

If ever there was a man who was a modern day Apostle of God, it was Lester Sumrall. As a sent one and church planter, he went all over the world doing the work of Jesus Christ, including praying for the sick and see them healed and delivered by the Power of the LORD. This is the true story of such an encounter.

The Madness of Margaret Sanger and Other Eugenicists

If you are among those who believe that there are too many people in the world, and that many of them are simply unfit to live and should be systematically eliminated, will you be among those who place YOUR children at the head of the line to be culled? Who gets to decide? Elitists and racists such as Margaret Sanger and other stark raving mad racists? Believe me, Margaret Sanger may have been a forerunner and proponent of this insanity, as was Hitler, however she was just one of many eugenicists actively planning the elimination of millions, if not billions of human beings from this planet, even as this post is being made.

Lessons From the Wilderness: Part Three

Bread for the Bride

_desert-of-southern-judeaWhen Jesus was led into the wilderness after His baptism at the Jordan, He was full of the Spirit of God (Lk 4:1) Many days later He returned from the wilderness to Galilee, this time in the power of the Spirit (Lk 4:14). Something happened in the wilderness that empowered Jesus more deeply to hear, obey and move in complete compliance with the Holy Spirit.    Later He would say “the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does… “(Jn 5:19).  His wilderness experience was instrumental in enabling Him to both live and walk wholly by the Spirit of God.   The scriptures record that often when Jesus was pressed by the crowds He would return to the wilderness (Lk. 5:16; Mark 1:35; Mark 6:32). For Jesus, the wilderness was not…

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FALSE CHRIST TEST: Will you be fooled?

Biblical Connection

falsereligionI know of a person who works for a news network that is owned by a Vatican Knight. She also writes for an online magazine that was founded by a man who was more influential in attempting to unite Protestants and Catholics than any other man on the planet.  What if this person were to tell you that she had recently become a “Jesus follower”?  

2What if she were to tell you that she came to Jesus through the intellectual wisdom taught by a false teacher who claims to be ‘Presbyterian” but teaches a false “means of grace” salvation, theistic evolution, a new age mysticism, ‘contemplative prayer’, and other dangerous teachings of the emergent “church” (all of which mesh perfectly with Vatican theology)?  What if she stated that her whole viewpoint had changed?

KellerWould it make her testimony more believable if she said she was once an…

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