Kick’em out the Church, disfellowship.

It is spiritual abuse to wrongly disfellowship a brother or sister, and the cause of many wounds in good Christians that may never be healed, and possibly result in that brother or sister turning away from the faith.

The Still Small Voice

This article serves as a reminder of the delicate line between church member disfellowship and its errors. While the practice of church member disfellowship serves as an act of correcting individuals that have either fallen or gone astray from the faith the errors are behaviors beyond the scriptural prescription which ends damage and spiritual abuse. Moreover, there is a delicate line between a righteous and biblical way to handle member disfellowship and the extra unrighteous afflictions imposed on members which does additional harm. There is no doubt the reason behind the biblical disfellowship is the hopes to reestablish a reassessment of faith, and to restore commitment to the commandments of God. Likewise, churches hope through their extra unbiblical afflictions imposed on members they will be taught a lesson to live for God. So how to know when the line has been crossed? The bible teaches to believe not every spirit…

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