I’ll be honest about the roman baptist church, will you?

How far has the ecclesia fallen away from true scriptural teaching, into grave error and apostasy? All you have to do is drive around your own town and see the array of Nicolaitan “churches” being displayed, as well as the non-existent “fellowship” between the “brethren” right around the corner, where the parishioners never darken the doorstep of one another’s “church”.

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Another really good post by brother Jim on such an important topic. (www.fleebabylon.wordpress.com)


I’ll be honest about the roman baptist church, will you?


I have been very edified by the many videos I have watched on the illbehonest YouTube site.  However, I would like to examine one extremely unbiblical and disturbing video that has been posted and supported by them.  I submit this article in a spirit of Christian grace, knowing that all true saints are in need of such grace from one another as “Love covers over a multitude of sins”.  I am truly thankful for the many edifying videos illbehonest has produced to help God’s people near and far.  That is my heart in writing this, though I will be very direct because of the seriousness of this matter.  I have sent a link to this article to the brethren at illbehonest along with posting it.  If anyone…

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2 comments on “I’ll be honest about the roman baptist church, will you?

  1. Mickey Merrie says:

    “The church system of ‘jesus franchises’ is not a broken system, it is another system, or rather another’s.”

    Jesus, in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to saint John, and not The Revelations as the “franchises” teach, is exactly WHERE when He knocks on the door? So I guess the Corner Stone/Head Stone is not in true fellowship? NO! He is not in FALSE fellowship! He is on the outside knocking and bidding what exactly?
    Oh, and the saints the world were not worthy of? Where were they? Also not in false fellowship.

    Jim estimates 90% of the ‘jesus franchises” are apostate, I think he is either being generous or estimating low, as I put the number at 99+%.

    The Revelation chapter 18 also clearly teaches the saints to come out of her my people, for her sins have reached to heaven, lest you too be caught in her destruction! Well it can’t mean the world, for Paul clearly taught we could not do that. Is it the Gaither Tour?!?! NO! It is the Harlot church system, and the mother of harlots. Who then are her daughters? Well, we have about 55,000 divisions of Jesus, known as denominations that came out of her and grew up to be just like her.

    501(c)(3) endorsement by the beast system of government and state sponsored marry and bury licenses seal the deal for a Harlot Woman riding the beast. Now, WHO is the prince of this world, and where was he cast, along with his reprobate brothers? Here on earth. The earth is not Jesus’ throne, rather, having defeated the prince of this world, it is His foot stool…Think of these 2 paraphrased scriptures in relation to everything you see here on this earth. #1. God’s will is that in EVERYTHING Christ Jesus would have the pre-eminence. #2. The whole world is under the sway of the evil one. Thus everything and everybody not wholly and holy sold out to Jesus as Lord, and His pre-eminence is to some degree or another under the sway of the evil one.

    Further, any system, such as the harlot jesus franchises, where their jesus is a mascot, like Chucky Cheese and the focus is on the creature and not the Creator, and the creature’s focus is their entertainment, and you can see that it is NOT “Your will be done here on earth just exactly as it is done in heaven!” Thus the focus is exactly the same as the folks at a Chucky Cheese franchise, it is not about Chucky Cheese, it is all about their being entertained and being fed. They just put Chucky up on the front of the building so you can find it.

    Do you not remember the scripture, “…the stone the BUILDERS rejected…?” Jesus is the rejected Corner Stone, but who are the BUILDERS? You need only look back to the first builder Cain to see who their father is. Think also of Simon Peter who, at the transfiguration, being in the flesh, made 2 very telling statements.
    #1. “It is GOOD FOR US to be here. #2. LET US BUILD a series of shelters for you, who need no building to shelter them for they were Spirit. In the flesh, like Cain, men build buildings, but in the Spirit Christ Jesus builds men!

    Yes, I am a person who once graced those jesus franchises. My Sunday School classes were two times bigger than 80% of the jesus franchises operating today. My spouse travelled for a major jesus franchise university in their music choral. Hint the “head” of the university took over Jimmy Bakker’s Christian theme park when it was going under. One of her contemporaries was the jokster/singer who got famous with the Gaither’s. We count as friends in our past folks who’s names you would know from the luminaries of the jesus franchises. I have counseled many preachers on their personal and corporate financial matters. Scripture tells us that money is the least of these things, yet how you handle the least of things tells you how a man will handle the greater things. Further, who will trust a man with the greater things when he does not handle the lesser things well. I have yet to see the man of the pulpit, let alone his hand picked elder board who could ever handle the church treasury well. Again I point you to the men build buildings statement I wrote above. Oh, and a “move of God” is NOT a lower interest rate from the “money changers” at the local bank!

    Yet, we counted all our religious past as DUNG! We did just exactly as Paul did when Jesus opened our eyes. But first we were lead to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, where we found that Jesus is enough, and that His Word is true! “You need not that any man should teach you, but the Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth through the Word in context.”

    An “elder” is no more than a third grader in a second grade classroom. IF he learned the lesson correctly, he can FUNCTION as an guide to the second grade student in understanding what the Teacher is teaching the second grader. Yet if he learned it wrong, he is a blind guide who will lead the second grader astray. If the second grader sees the teaching accurately, he can function as the guide/elder to the third grader in correcting his error. But in no case are they EVER the Teacher. Can you see this application in the true Ekklesia, verses the false system of men who name their buildings as churches? By the way, the word church as used by them to their advantage and Nike control over the laity is also found in the Old Covenant and Testament in describing the Jews. Yet even there we see the true fellowship by faith in the coming Messiah and the false temple builders who rejected Him. Thus the temple builders of today are no different then their fathers, the temple builders of the past. Jesus clearly taught who their fathers were.

    So, we have come full circle. This is not a broken system, but rather another’s system. So, come out of her My people, for her sins have reached to heaven, lest you be caught in her destruction…” It is ALWAYS the religious who persecute the saints, thinking they are doing God a favor… And in the end, the broad road crowd will hear depart from Me…Theirs will be the weeping and gnashing of teeth!

    • Scarlett says:

      Very well and truthfully said. I can add nothing more to what you’ve shared here, except that indeed I am filled with sorrow mixed with frustration and anger when I see people claiming, (in name only) the Name Jesus fighting and snarling with one another all over the Internet, and especially in places like Facebook, and/or using Jesus as a source of entertainment and amusement for themselves. Thank you for visiting. Please come back anytime, your comments will be welcomed as one, and by one, (myself), who has been there, and yet come out with eyes wide open to this massive and tragic deception known only be the few, as the Harlot church. ~Scarlett

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