Reblog: And The Bride Wore……Scars?

Scars? Yes, but not open wounds that fester and never heal. LORD Jesus, help me to fully die to self, and live for you, to be part of that Bride you desire. Thank you Cheryl for this beautiful inspiring writing and to Amy Carmichael, who wrote the lovely poem you posted on the blog. Her life of service, and example of what it means to die to self spurs me on to look for the poor and downtrodden of this world to minister to, as Jesus did.

Bread for the Bride

Reblogged from Bread for the Bride, April 2012:


Recently I did a Google image search on ‘bride of Christ’. The results were interesting. With a few thought-provoking exceptions, the majority of images portrayed a Western bride dressed in long white gown and veil, with flawless fair skinned complexion and a radiant smile. Sometimes she is shown holding a sword, or depicted from the back looking searchingly towards the skies, at times surrounded by angels. But almost invariably the Bride shown in these images could have stepped straight out of a Hollywood movie.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything inherently wrong with this kind of imagery but it does seem to demonstrate a rather limited, stereotypical idea about what the Bride of Christ should look like, especially among Western Christians. Is this really how we imagine her to be in the eyes of Christ?

The Bride I’ve glimpsed differs somewhat from…

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