Lester Sumrall-Demonology and Deliverance

Did Lester Sumrall have some sort of “special anointing” for casting out demons that other Christians don’t or can’t have? No, he was simply baptized in the Spirit, and living in obedience in holiness as we are ALL supposed to be. Rooted and grounded in the Holy Word of God. Yet, why is it that most Christians today pay little or no attention to this vital ministry of setting people free from the power of the devil? There has to be a reason. Please notice where Brother Sumrall encountered these demon spirits in people…it was in the very churches where he had gone to preach! Yes…evil spirits were and still are operating in churches, and not churches only, but everywhere! Do not suppose that evil spirits simply disappeared or retired from their wicked agenda after Jesus went to be with the Father. Or, because you sit in church on Sunday with your bible on your lap. Do not be so deceived my friends. No, they are still active today, anywhere and everywhere they are given license to operate. If Christians aren’t aware of this, they should be. Let me suggest that if Christians aren’t aware and walking in the same power of the Holy Spirit that Brother Sumrall was, there is something lacking that the LORD not only wants us to have, that we SHOULD BE operating in. And it’s all in His Word. Please! Read the gospels again, especially the gospel of Mark where Jesus did most of the casting out. What would Jesus do? That silly powerless mantra that became popular some years back….Jesus would CAST THEM OUT! Now, He expects US to do it! Don’t let anyone tell you this is not possible. It’s not only possible…it’s GOSPEL!

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