FALSE CHRIST TEST: Will you be fooled?

Biblical Connection

falsereligionI know of a person who works for a news network that is owned by a Vatican Knight. She also writes for an online magazine that was founded by a man who was more influential in attempting to unite Protestants and Catholics than any other man on the planet.  What if this person were to tell you that she had recently become a “Jesus follower”?  

2What if she were to tell you that she came to Jesus through the intellectual wisdom taught by a false teacher who claims to be ‘Presbyterian” but teaches a false “means of grace” salvation, theistic evolution, a new age mysticism, ‘contemplative prayer’, and other dangerous teachings of the emergent “church” (all of which mesh perfectly with Vatican theology)?  What if she stated that her whole viewpoint had changed?

KellerWould it make her testimony more believable if she said she was once an…

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