We Are for Signs and Wonders

Bread for the Bride

White Rose

Signs and wonders.  They certainly have been a subject of controversy over recent years. 

On the one hand there are those who vehemently reject the notion that signs and wonders have any place in today’s church.  They seem to believe God doesn’t reveal Himself with signs and wonders today because we are so much more sophisticated and wiser than the people of Bible times.  The very idea of a supernatural God offends their intellectual pride.  We now have seminaries, commentaries and great theological minds to explain God to us so signs and wonders are obsolete.

On the other hand there are those who zealously pursue signs and wonders.  They seem to believe any supernatural occurrence is better than none, even if it doesn’t align with the character and words of Christ.   So hungry are they to experience signs and wonders first hand they gather eagerly around any ministry leader appearing…

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