Is The Church Ready for the End Times? Are you?

What many of us have known for years has now become a very viable reality. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not recognizing the signs of the times. By the same token, we shall not be able to say we didn’t know, when all the signs are there and in place….. and at our very doorstep.

Short Little Rebel

As we watch Obama and Europe storm into Syria against the wishes of all represented populations, we need to understand that the People are no longer in control.  We sit like dazed zombies as our governments just do what they want.  Only an ostrich can fail to see that we are in the end times.  Oh, I’ve heard the mantra, “Everybody has said that before and it never happened.”  Perhaps.  But today is not like any other day.  Today, it is more than possible to fulfill everything in the prophecies.

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