Untouchable, Unclean, Unheard

Bread for the Bride


Leprosy is a debilitating and contagious disease.  In ancient Israel lepers were the untouchables. It was not unusual for people to run in the opposite direction from any leper who came too close, or even to stone him.  A leper was subject to certain religious laws that meant he could not associate at all with his family, must live outside the city and was banned from worshiping at the temple (Leviticus 13 and 14; Leviticus 22:4-9; Numbers 5:1-4).

On the day a leper approached Jesus we can imagine the horrified reaction among the multitudes following Him.  We can imagine also the infected man’s sheer desperation.  Just by coming within speaking distance of Jesus and others, he was breaking the law.  He worships, prostrating himself before the Man he knows is his only hope.  “Lord, if you are willing, You can make me clean.”  Not: ‘if you would like…

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