PROUD LEADERS: Made possible by blind followers

Biblical Connection

angry preacherOnly proud leaders desire blind followers.  Such men usually:

  • Place their ministry or career before their family.
  • See others as a way to support their ego and pleasure.
  • Love to be seen as “spiritual”, and hate anyone who makes them look otherwise.
  • boastAre unreasonably controlling of their family and others under them.
  • Do not allow others to compare them to the Word of GOD.
  • Emphasize their exclusive understanding of the Word of GOD.
  • Have a violent temper in private if their control or ego are threatened.

abusiverelationshipIn this life, there will always be the blind, foolish throngs who follow blindly after narcissistic proud men.  Slowly, these leaders become hollow, cruel individuals who will crush anything that threatens their pride, control, and status. Their followers are content with being told what to think and mock those who research and seek truth on their own.  These proud leaders cannot exist without the…

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One comment on “PROUD LEADERS: Made possible by blind followers

  1. fleebabylon says:

    Excellent contrast in Godly leadership characteristics sister. One thing that has forever been branded on my mind is a professing believer who treated his wife like a dog (even sometimes within earshot of others). Came to find out he was involved in the SDA and believed in following the law (pretending to at least). So his relationship with his wife was like the law, him striking her so to speak when she messed up. It made a permanent impression on me that Gods way is grace\spirit lead submission to him, spirit led yielding to my elders, and setting a pattern that my family could be persuaded to follow in the Lord as opposed to controlling via law (not that I have obtained all these things perfectly yet).

    Hope you are well in Jesus Christ sister.


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