CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Two ways to do anything you wanna?

Biblical Connection

How much does GOD really mean to most Christians today? For Him are they willing to:

  • Die?
  • Look unpopular or change their lifestyle?
  • Take ten minutes each day to devote to Him?
  • Sacrifice just a favorite song or movie for Him?

Or do they just accept what is the popular belief and practice prevalent today (whatever that happens to be)? Do they find the convenient, popular path to be “acceptable to GOD”, even if they contradict the unchanging beliefs of their GOD? If so, what type of love is that?

When it comes to syncretic versions of evil or even pure evil, it seems that those who call themselves “believers” appear to be vehemently against evil practices at first, but as evil practices become popular and with time, they decide that GOD finds these pagan practices “acceptable”.  Thus, we find the first plank of today’s American “Christianity” is not…

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