And He Came to His Own

Bread for the Bride


Chances are if you consider yourself a believing Christian at some time in your life you were invited to ‘receive Jesus’.  It’s the common evangelical catch cry for ushering unbelievers into the Kingdom of God.  Countless numbers of church goers believe they are going to Heaven because at some time they raised their hand, signed a card, or repeated a prayer that indicated they were “receiving Jesus as their personal Saviour”.  This is despite the fact that the Bible endorses none of these methods as evidence that an individual has started following Christ, and the concept of a ‘personal’ Saviour is not even found in scripture. 

Some posts I write are easy to prepare.  From first conception to their final expression they seem to flow smoothly and without struggle, like milk and honey.  This one is not like that.  This post has been difficult to bring to birth.  It has…

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