The Search For Authentic Fellowship

Bread for the Bride

Somewhere along my Christian ‘experience’  I managed to pick up some rather unhealthy ideas about what life as a believer should look like.  Many of those ideas are now the subject of some painful yet necessary rethinking.  For example, I came under the impression that following Christ means you automatically get to enjoy something called ‘ Christian fellowship’ with every other person on the planet who also calls themselves “Christian”.  You may have collected that one along the way as well.

Definitions of how this ‘fellowship’ thing actually looks and feels are hard to come by.  Christian fellowship seems to be one of those things everyone else in the church assumes you understand, right up there with some other mysteries that are rarely explained, like heaven, sanctification and eternal security (huh?  OK, we’ll leave that one for another day).  There is a vague, unspoken, belief that Christian fellowship means we…

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