Where is Edwin Young now? Did he just take the money and run?

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

You Tube Video of So-called “pastor” Edwin Young brow-beating and berating a woman from his bully pulpit.  No wonder people are leaving the churches in droves these days. This man exhibits none of the fruits of the Spirit, nor does he bear any resemblance to the Lord Jesus Christ, or his gentle nature and characteristics. He does however more closely resemble the ravening wolves that the Apostle Paul tearfully described that would enter in amongst the Lord’s flock after Paul’s death.

A very godly man, a pastor himself, once told me, “When a wolf preacher gets control of a church, it will always come down to two things in the end, sex and money”. Meaning that when that man feels confident and arrogant enough, he will begin sexually abusing women, girls, or sometimes young boys. I believe it because that very issue has become epidemic in churches all over America…

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  1. Lois says:

    No one is saying where Edwin is if they know- at least not publicly. And the police will not comment if they are investigating him, but he is on the witness list for all six cases regarding his son. Meanwhile, Jordan’s next hearing date is January 10.

    • Scarlett says:

      I wonder if that could be one of the reasons Edwin doesn’t want to be found? The other being that he himself has a lot to answer for? Do you know if there is any kind of a warrant or subpena that they want to serve on him since he is a witness? Also, is Jordan out on bond or still in jail?

      Thanks for responding. There have been a lot of inquiries here on search terms looking for information on this awful scandal, so any updates are always appreciated!

      Jesus bless you,

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