The Warning! Are You Ready to Meet Jesus?

Journey in the Spirit

“Your first thoughts in the morning should be of ME, your Heavenly Father. It is I who have kept you through the night and I am giving you this fresh new day. I have surprises awaiting you which you need my guidance not to miss.

It will be a joyful experience to walk with Me through every day as you make it a habit to join your heart to Mine before you set out on the day’s journeys. The days journey may take you no farther than your doorstep ,yes, for some who are confined by illness, their journeys will be only in the Spirit, but all will be beautiful, for the spirits who are identified with Me and expressing My Life-thoughts travel with Me though they go nowhere. He who travels much without Me is truly the one who goes nowhere, for all his activity is of no earthly consequence.

The earthly life is like a bank into which deposits are made for future fulfillment. All the rewards  of earth are transitory.  This is why Jesus said, “They have their reward”, speaking of the men who sought and received the passing praises of men. Those who do not seek the praise of men, but who seek only to please Me lay up eternal reward for the life beyond, which reward is of far greater value.

Indeed, he who has little faith in the next world will scarcely be interested in deferring his blessings for that future time. He will be a “bird-in-hand” follower. More correctly, he is a “bird-in-hand” deserter; for the very state of mind which causes a man to prefer earthly joys before heavenly joys marks him as a child of time and place, and disqualifies him for true spiritual expression. “

Make Haste My Beloved,

Frances J. Roberts


Song of Angels:


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