Don’t Just Go to Church-BE the CHURCH!


And we wonder why we don’t grow, why we don’t get healed, why we don’t get delivered from addictions and life controlling bondages. We know the mainstream church is apostate and “off track”, yet we slough off doing anything else about it—- taking any personal responsibility or accountability. There can be no other answer than what Ian has on his blog, and this cuts to the core of everything I’ve ever seen out there in “church land”.

The answer is NOT to “sit there alone if you have to, for the rest of your life to avoid the boogie man {{{{{{{{{church}}}}}}}}}} with all those scary “shadow people ” in it, like one online guy is suggesting. HE clearly doesn’t have the answer or even the right doctrine!
Because,  how can you have the right doctrine that  he and other “mystery meat teachers” claim to have without a spirit-filled fellowship without the presence of the Holy Spirit in manifestation and the flowing of the Holy Spirit corporately as a unit, (which is what the body is supposed to be). It’s like a leg trying to walk by itself, or an eye trying to speak. IOW, dysfunctional.

The Word of knowledge, the Word of Wisdom, or prophecy and interpretation will not be in operation where it’s not allowed, where it’s not believed, where it’s despised.!  So, how can these pseudo churches expect to be a united Body of Christ, the Ekklesia, when the Holy Spirit is not in charge? When instead, He is being restrained, grieved, resisted, and quenched?

Brethren, I am so hungry for more of the LORD, I’m bordering on breaking out into righteous indignation and a “money changer moment” on this issue, not like Jesus did, but I think you know what I mean. If I caught someone whipping my child, or stealing from him,…. I’d react, wouldn’t you? Yet, these apostate teachers are mistreating the Lord’s sheep everyday, stealing the pure word of the Lord from them by feeding them bad sheep chow, and getting paid for it, usually A LOT OF MONEY!!! And the sheep are not looking so good because they’re on a bad diet from what these hirelings are spoon feeding them.

There is an entire generation of both adults and youth that are being deceived and cheated, yes, cheated, out of the most glorious life in the spirit because they are not being taught by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God as we are told to do. And we are being herded into situations where we find it impossible to locate a church that actually obey the gospels and the New Testament teachings as in the book of Acts!!

What a load of absolute rubbish  I heard recently, that it would be better to JUST SIT THERE ALONE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THAN GO TO AN APOSTATE ORGANIZED CHURCH! Where does it teach THAT GARBAGE in the bible?  It DOESN’T! It says WE ARE TO BE THE CHURCH!

The answer obviously, is right in the book of ACTS. We are to BE THE CHURCH, BE THE EKKLESIA….. right in our own HOMES!! IN ONE ANOTHERS homes, breaking bread together, and I dare say that meant sharing the Word of God together as well as physical food. The early primitive church did it that way, and that was the most pure, holy church, the most spirit filled church in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH!

 If you are serious about Jesus, if you want to grow, be healed, be delivered, or even saved, you will have to have an active FAITH and actually DO something about it yourself in obedience to Jesus. He did SAY to follow Him, not just sit there and do nothing.  Faith worketh by love! An active faith that works by love  involves action, participation!  Not just sitting there listening to false teachers complain about the apostate church. They are part of the apostate church. Didn’t you know you can be just as apostate sitting outside one of these churches as you can on the inside? Ian’s not complaining, he is one of the few that is accurately speaking about the solution TO the problem, not just the problem without offering a solution.  

Brothers and sisters, let’s bone up on the Word, especially the NT, lets first of all pray, pray, pray until we hear from the Lord on this, do some fasting….. however your health allows….. maybe it will be a Daniel type fast. Then,…….. no more excuses….let’s pick our shoes up off the living room floor, and buy an extra chicken or two, or even make a pot of chili or soup, and then invite a few Christians for bible study and fellowship. And please know that by doing these simple things that are for our example in the Word of God does not mean “works” that are going to negate the “grace of God”. No, in fact it is grace in action. Praise God!


Don’t forget to pray before you are to  gather together to honor the LORD, and then just see what happens! I did say “Christians”. You want to worship the Lord, have prayer, flow in unity as the Body of Christ, and have communion, fellowship, love and accountability for one another. This is not to be an “outreach” or a hospital for sinners. In fact, let’s stop right here a minute and allow me to stress, even though you aren’t going to bully your guests, you will still have to be careful about others trying to co-opt your gathering and hijack it. Don’t let that happen. Nothing will mess up a fellowship and shipwreck it any faster than that, or allowing outright unsaved people living in sin, into your fellowship. Be very careful about that, especially if you are not a very seasoned Christian yourself. Let the Spirit guide you in this as in all things.

Ok, if you say you just can’t do all that…well, then I guess it’s pretty much like IAN said in another post, it looks like you’re just not serious enough about your walk with the LORD, and it’s going to show up in your life and become evident. There are no two ways about it. Once you have been shown a truth, you will be accountable to obey it. No if’s ands or buts. I don’t know about you but I am excited! And I am not just going to sit here and do nothing while the house burns down. 


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  1. Scarlett says:

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    This message bears repeating as the world and the organized church decends into darkness and apostasy. Please listen to the Video by Jason Bellard; it’s a prophecy in song, and so appropriate to the hour we live in. Jesus bless each and every one of you as you seek the Master and the Truth in His Word, which is the secret of the Universe!

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