Branson-Where Christians Come to be Entertained “Religiously”

Christians are really no different that anyone else in the world…they like to be entertained, (religiously of course). What better place to come than to the Hillbilly haven, the Little Las Vegas of Missouri.

Have you ever been to Branson, Mo? As part of our antique business, we would sometimes make a loop through the Ozarks in search of treasures. The Qzarks are a treasure trove of collectibles and antiques. We would often go THROUGH Branson, but we never felt led to stop and “do” the Christian “shows” which many others do. I’m not saying there’s anything horribly sinful about indulging in an orgy of Branson show biz type entertainment, but I’m just wondering how conducive it is to our Christian walk. Frankly, I can’t see Jesus and the disciples setting up a show like one of these in Jerusalem in order to entertain the folks. Oh well, I guess that’s just me.

Branson will probably be blowing and going up until the time that God shuts the door much the same way he shut the door on the ark in Noah’s time. As Jesus warning about the end of the age will be as it was in Noah’s time, that people will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, pretty much as these things are going on today, especially in Branson, MO and “Silver Dollar City”.

It’s your choice how you spend your time, and whether you want to be “entertained” or not, going on “mission cruises” and the like, but as for me, I just want to follow the LAMB where ever he leads, and so far, it hasn’t been to Branson, Silver Dollar City, or any of these Christian entertainment places.

My unsaved Christian boss I used to work for, would brag that he and some other guys would often attend Christians Singles groups in Tulsa, and they had a running bet which ones could lure the most women for a weekend to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, right next door to Branson, Mo. so they could “do the town” and be entertained. Is this crazy, sad, or sinful or all of the above?

Of course, “The Jim Bakker Show” has set up shop here where I suppose tourists can buy tickets and set around at table in a night club like atmosphere to see “the show”, or is it a “spectacle”? I think the latter from what I’ve seen. But…you can probably buy some Jesus junk while you’re there to support the cause and maybe take back home to put it in your Jesus junk collection…if you think Jesus would be pleased.

4 comments on “Branson-Where Christians Come to be Entertained “Religiously”

  1. Bird says:

    Hi, Scarlett. I nominated you for an award:

    Hope you accept it!

    Love, Bird

    • Scarlett says:

      Sis, I don’t know all the bloggers on this list, and it would be unfair to judge a blog because of that, kind of like playing enny meeny minny mo, (or however you spell it), but from the ones I do know, and you’re one of them, you guys amaze me with your writing abilities, but most of all to be transparent and the way you all share your deepest pain, sorrows, fears, triumphs, love and truths with one another, which is really the most important element.

      I wish I had the time to read, savor and comment to everyone, but it just isn’t possible. I think you ALL deserve an award, the biggest and the bestest….” Biggest Heart of the Year Award” for 2012 and beyond. As for me,please let me off the hook, as I am very undeserving, lol! I don’t have a writing ability bone in my entire body, just a certain amount of “driven-ness”, …but nevertheless, I shall keep blogging along as long as the Good Lord Willin and the Creek don’t Rise.

      God bless all,


      • Bird says:

        lol..Scarlett. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But those were my nominations…You get to pick your own from the blogs you follow. And you write well!! These little blogging things are just a way to say that you like your fellow writers and you appreciate all of their hard work. But a lot of people don’t play. It really is a lot of work, and while I’ve accepted a bunch of them, I’ve skipped out on a bunch, too. Don’t fret! It doesn’t hurt my feelings! And thanks for the compliment! I love writing. Just wish I had happier stuff to write about these days. That’s coming…I can feel the happiness heading my way!

      • Scarlett says:

        I do appreciate all their hard work. My blog runs so fast, almost daily it is a lot of work and does lot of time. I can hardly keep up with it myself, especially now that I am right in the middle of trying to make arrangements to move. Generally, I have my tags targeted to reach a more diverse group than the ones on my “Reader” section. Funny how that works. Anyways, I very seldom have the time to make comments to posts unless it’s one like yours has been lately, a sister in distress mode, and only then if I feel if I’ve been down a similar path where I can offer a word, or something that might help, even if it’s only a shoulder or a Kleenex. And then I would take an hour, 2 hours or all day if I needed too. I know you don’t “need” that, but you know what…when I was the one going through it, what I needed most, other than resolution, was to have a friend to talk to. Happier days are coming for you, but as Christians we also know this walk isn’t about us always being happy, but it sure is nice when it happens.



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