“Test the Spirits” Concerning Words of Prophecy

Note! I have removed the source of this prophetic word as well as changing the title heading….. because the bible says to test the spirits. The reason for this is that AFTER posting it, I later detected some other comments from the woman who gave this word that I felt didn’t line up with the word of God, that were just sort of “off”.

While speaking in the flesh, (not while under the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit, a person may speak something in their own flesh that’s not quite right. And that’s what happened. In this case, the woman made a comment to someone that she “liked” Rick Joyner, and by saying this apparently indicated that she approved some of this teachings, etc. I DON’T. And so I have removed this woman’s name from this post as she does have a following and many baby Christians who are looking to her for leadership and truth. This is one reason the LORD urges us not to follow men and become devoted to their teachings instead of His Word and depending upon the Holy Spirit. I will mince no words in telling people to beware of Rick Joyner as I consider him a highly reactive and dangerous false prophet.

OK so about the prophecy, (below). I see nothing wrong with it and if it were given under the unction of the Holy
Spirit, that is different from something merely spoken in the flesh. Nevertheless, we are told to judge these things, as many false prophets have gone out into the world. Use discretion and pray always for discernment.


“My children who think they know every step of what I will do in this time will miss My true plan for their lives. Be careful, My children, of thinking you can know all My thoughts, for you know not the full plan and intents I have for each of your lives. My plan and purposes may use ends and means you know not of, which appear to you to be evil, yet are in reality good for My Kingdom.

Many of My children wait anxiously for My Son’s return, yet are not ready for it. You have failed to submit your hearts completely to My plans and purposes, My children. Go into your prayer closets and inquire of Me that I may cleanse your heart of your own desires and replace them with Mine. Seek My true will and inquire before My throne of all that concerns you, for many of you believe your comfort is a right, yet was My Son in comfort as He gave His life for you on the cross at Calvary? Was He in comfort as He took the scourgings that led Him to that place? Was He in comfort when He cried out asking why I had left Him there alone? Was He? Do you think the men and women who followed Him were in comfort after He left the earth and ascended into Heaven? Were they in comfort as they stood for what they believed and were martyred, one by one? As the crowds jeered and threw stones at them? Your expectations are unreasonable, My children. You must face the Cross squarely on. Look at the truth of the cross and do not be deceived, lest the enemy use your unreasonable expectations to make you think I have deserted you in your final hours and you lose your faith.

Those of you who have given Me your lives, I have a plan for. You who are truly submitted, who make no demands or conditions, I shall use greatly. You who are humble. You who are prideful shall travel a different path than My chosen ones. My chosen shall know My glory in this time. They are those who shall do mighty exploits, through whose hands I shall do miracles, signs and wonders. They are those who shall attain to great heights in the earth and be rewarded in heaven for all they lay down for My Name’s sake, for My Son’s great glory.

Look at the Cross, My children, for the truth of what is coming

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