Pornography Use is Adultery

Pornography. Adultery. Strip Clubs. Casual Sex. Prostitution. Masturbation. Only problems for a few right? Wrong. Pornography has become an addiction for many people. But it is a subject that is hardly ever talked about due to the guilt and shame that is often involved. And if you think it only effects ‘certain’ types of people, think again. No one is immune from the the temptation to look at pornography. Many well respected members of society are living in secret shame because of their addiction (women as well as men). And if you are a Christian, please don’t think you are somehow immune, you are not. Pornography effects all types of people. There are many Christians, religious people, non-religious people, men and women who are trapped in a secret prison of sexual sin. Video courtesy of 

Talk to any Christian wife who’s become aware of her husband’s bondage to porn, and you will encounter a woman who is cut to the core knowing that when she is intimate with her husband, there are “unseen” others in the marriage bed with them. A husband’s porn addiction is spiritually abusive to his wife, no two ways about it! 

Husbands may not realize just how emotionally and spiritually damaging this is to the bond between the two of them. You see, fantasizing during sexual intimacy with your wife is the same as adultery! Husbands may not realize that this action breaks the intimate bond between the two of them.  It’s adultery, and adultery is a deal breaker.

Christian men…if you are laboring under the bondage of being addicted to pornography, I urge you to take steps immediately to get set free. However, you must want to be free. Cry out to the LORD JESUS for the “want to” …if need be. If men even half way realized how damaging porn is to their spiritual lives…as well as their marriages, they would RUN to the LORD for deliverance! Using porn will not only ruin your relationship with your wife, but it will destroy your relationship with the LORD as well as stunt spiritual growth, and if that’s not plain enough to get your attention, porn is not worth going to hell over! I do believe porn use in a Christian marriage would be a scriptural cause for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

A note to wives: If you are withholding sex from your husband on a continual basis, you are putting a spiritual stumbling block in his life that would cause him to be sexually frustrated and lead to temptation to sin. This is so wrong! Discuss this issue with your husband and get help if need be. I wonder why in the world you got married if you didn’t intend to fulfill your sexual end of the marriage!

I notice many frustrated and unhappy Christian men coming to this blog seeking answers about their wives not liking sex. Men, you need to talk to your wives about this, as it’s a very serious matter. I understand your frustration, and have to seriously wonder if it’s not a cause for divorce. 

For a wife to force a husband into a celibate role in a Christian marriage? Just how “Christian” can that be? Surely no true loving Christian woman would put her husband into such a compromised situation by withholding sex from him. If you are not having a sexual relationship with your wife due to her withholding sex…Christian man….you don’t have a marriage, you have an “arrangement”.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a porn addiction, take these steps to freedom.

At a men’s conference I sponsored last weekend in Philadelphia, some of my friends took the stage and got gut-level honest about their temptations. I was so proud of their courage. Shay, a young father from Ohio, admitted that he was exposed to hard-core pornography when he was only five years old. He began modeling what he saw in X-rated videos when he was just six.

Another guy from Pennsylvania told the men in the audience that he began watching porn when he was a preteen—and this led him to sex with dozens of girls in high school. Until recently this man still battled the shame of his porn habit even though he was a lay leader in his church.

“It’s not enough to whisper a quiet prayer under your breath. To break free from a life-controlling habit as powerful as porn, you must talk to someone else. And you should do it sooner, not later.”

Jason, a youth pastor in northwestern Pennsylvania, preached to the men on Friday night about how to reclaim purity in our sex-saturated culture. Like so many of the guys in our conference, Jason had been exposed to porn at a young age. His lust could not be satisfied by masturbation or kinkier videos, so his addiction drove him to seek out multiple girls for instant gratification. That’s where porn leads.

Thankfully all these guys eventually found Christ and discovered the grace to escape the porn trap. They are happily married today, and they’ve been freed from the shame of past failures. But I meet many Christian men who are not so fortunate. A huge percentage of men in church have given up trying to resist temptation.

If you are one of those men (or women) who wears a fake smile when you go to church, pretending to be an “overcomer” when you really are a prisoner of lust, then please consider taking these radical steps. (And if you know someone who is battling this monster, please consider forwarding this message to him or her.)

1. Spill your guts. The first step toward repentance is honesty, and it must be brutal. To repent means to turn 180 degrees, so this decision cannot be half-hearted. It’s not enough to whisper a quiet prayer under your breath. To break free from a life-controlling habit as powerful as porn, you must talk to someone else. And you should do it sooner, not later.

James 5:16 says, “Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed” (NASB). I have prayed with many guys about their porn addictions, and they have testified that the power of their sin broke the moment they admitted it. Sit down with someone (preferably a more mature Christian you know and trust) and put all your cards on the table. If you humble yourself, God will give you grace to change.

2. Get ruthless. Sin is deceitful. It loves to make up excuses such as, “No one knows about your habit, so it’s not hurting anyone,” “I deserve this little treat” or “I can play with fire and not get burned.” Don’t believe the lies. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup, and many men today forfeit their relationship with God by compromising with porn.

You can’t break free from sexual sin by slowly backing away from it or taming it like a pet. The Bible tells us to “flee” from immorality (2 Tim. 2:22). You must lay the axe to the root of your problem. Cut off all access to porn. Say goodbye and slam the door in its face. And if you can’t stop looking at it on your phone or computer, get rid of your phone and computer.

3. Keep no secrets. Guys addicted to porn struggle with constant shame. They can’t enjoy prayer or worship because they feel condemned. They can’t share their faith with others because they feel like hypocrites. And many Christian men are so full of guilt they turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their pain.

It’s not enough to confess your sin to a brother once. You must stay in relationship with people who love you enough to confront you. Find one or two accountability partners and make a covenant with them to live transparently. And don’t wait until you fall to call for counsel. Contact them whenever you feel tempted. Send up a flare and ask for help before it’s too late.

4. Refocus your life on others. Lust is ultimately about self-gratification. When a young man gets hooked on porn, he can’t grow up emotionally. This is why some adult men in their 50s and 60s act like 13-year-olds when it comes to sex. They are stuck in perpetual puberty.

You will never break free from the bondage of sexual sin simply by gritting your teeth and trying to forget the images you saw in magazines or videos. You must totally redirect your energies toward serving others: your spouse, your children, your church and the needy people around you. Throw yourself into selfless ministry and starve your illegal urges.

5. Stay filled with the Spirit. None of these previous steps are possible without the Holy Spirit, who is our promised Helper (see John 14:16). Self-help is not the answer. Ask the Spirit to fill your life with His refining fire. He will go to the root of your unholy desires, burn up your lust and give you supernatural ability to resist temptation.

J. LEE GRADY is contributing editor of Charisma. You can follow him on Twitter at·leegrady. His most recent book is·10 Lies Men Believe·(Charisma House), is a helpful resource for men’s small group Bible studies.

I recently found a very powerful article online taken from the biblical story of Samson and the seductress Delilah. I URGE those of you who are in bondage to porn, and being troubled and tormented by the addiction. Christian men must overcome this stronghold or risk loosing it all. There are many stories coming out of Christian homes and ministries about this spiritual adultery literally destroying homes and marriages. I am beginning to wonder if this spirit is not behind so many sexual scandals in the church and even involving pastors.

I’ve watched enough of these to know they are very real, although our natural minds don’t want to accept or believe it.
These demons speak freely, until …..they start being cast out and then they begin “tearing the body”,,,(acting out) just like it says when Jesus cast them out. I once watched a preacher casting demons out of a man, and heard a voice coming out of him that screamed, “This is MY TEMPLE” The man ended up let the demons right back in again by his continuing in with this and other sins.


4 comments on “Pornography Use is Adultery

  1. Scarlett says:

    This is a valuable must read for those looking for answers about sexual addictions and sexual sins:

  2. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on spiritualabusesanctuary and commented:

    Due to the daily amount of search terms coming to my blog on this subject, I feel led to repost this article, as a heartfelt plea to make every spiritual and physical means to be delivered of this sin. And yes, it is a serious sin, just as the scriptures say,

  3. Scarlett says: Because questions continue coming into my blog on a daily basis about this important issue, I would urge all to read the above article and blog. I highly recommend it! Also, a word to wives….please do not allow your lack of desire for intimacy to become a stumbling block to your husband. If there is a problem…then set about to fix it. To husbands….knock off with this artificial stimulus of resorting to porn, and then expecting your wife to be receptive to you. This is sin, period. Deal with it!

  4. Scarlett says:

    I’ve noticed search terms coming into my blog asking if it’s wrong for a Christian man to watch porn. C’mon guys!!! As a Christian you shouldn’t even have to ask this question. It’s like asking how hot is hell! Of course it’s wrong to stir up your carnal appetite for illicit sex, and that’s what it is, illicit. Do you really want to defile your body, (temple) by indulging in this filth allowing it to pollute your mind? Do you really want to serve the devil who will destroy your soul? Is it worth it to go to hell to have your filthy porn? Seek Jesus with all your heart for deliverance and cleansing. Repent of this…you have no promise of tomorrow when you sin.

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