Kenneth Hagin-Spiritual Gifts-Word of Knowledge-Move of the Spirit?

 In times past, I’ve been blessed by Kenneth Hagin’s teachings.  However, in recent years I have come to believe that even very godly men and women can succumb to seducing spirits. As the Bible says…. that “even the very elect can be deceived, if it were possible”, and believe me brethren when I say it’s not only possible; it happens. I have come to believe that this happened to Kenneth Hagin in the later years of his life, a man I admired and trusted BEFORE these weird manifestations began to appear in His life. I once found his teachings to “work” in the area of healing and faith. I never adhered to the “prosperity doctrine” and I don’t believe that’s what Hagin taught or believed, as some critics have claimed. I simply did not want to believe that Kenneth Hagin could fall from grace, but then neither did the followers of Oral Roberts,  Jimmy Swagart and others. Nevertheless, it is important to separate the precious from the vile. We must all learn in our spiritual walk to learn to discern accurately what the bible teaches. That said, there are good teachers in Christianity, but we must first and foremost learn from our own bibles, practice holiness, not just talk it, and follow the Holy Spirit, not any man. Would I still watch Kenneth Hagins videos and teachings. Yes, the older ones, but I will no longer post this type of video. I was very opposed to the Rodney Browne manifestations, which is where this type of false annointing began in recent times.


The following text is from the Rich Vermillion blog which contains the rebuke Kenneth Hagin gave to those ministers who were corrupting his teachings in the Word Faith ministry, and perverting it over into a false prosperity doctrine of greed and covetousness.  The ministers Kenneth Hagin called to this meeting were included in the text below. The shame is that none of them listened to their mentor’s godly counsel. Unfortunately, the reputation of the early years of godly ministry and life of Kenneth Hagin has suffered because of these greedy men. Worse still, is that the godly teachings of Kenneth Hagin also have suffered. That is just like the devil to try to destroy what God has raised up, but I am praying that God will resurrect the true message and power of the healing ministry he began with powerful men of God… such as Kenneth Hagin and a few others such as Smith Wigglesworth,  and Lester Sumrall. Such men of God are like rare gems in the crown of the Body of Christ.


It took a lifetime of obedience and faithfulness to Jesus and the Word of God for Kenneth Hagin to attain to the power the Lord entrusted him with, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit that flowed through him in power at one time,and in many of his meetings. Yet, today, the Body of Christ is so weak  and powerless they deny that Brother Hagin was ever real, because they have no evidence of it in their own lives. The reason why? It’s because they would have to take the same steps that Hagin did to get the same results. Steps of faith, obedience, faithfulness.  Like the saying goes, salvation is free, but it’s not cheap. There will be a price to pay. Jesus told us what that price would be, and what He requires of us, “Take up YOUR CROSS, DENY YOUR SELF, AND FOLLOW HIM”. Are you willing to do that? Are you desperate enough? Are you hungry enough for more of Jesus that you will forsake all, to do all that He requires like Kenneth Hagin did? Then changes are that God will raise you up in a new fresh anointing.

 Reverend Hagin’s Previous Rebuke of Kenneth Copeland



Rich’s Note: Before our post Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: The Untold Story became our most highly viewed article, this post about Kenneth E. Hagin was by far the most popular post on In fact, it still garners a very high traffic rating today. Consequently, let me please point out that there is additional important information contained in the new FAQ page of this blog that relates (either directly or indirectly) to this very same topic. Thus, in addition to reading this important post about Hagin’s efforts to correct “prosperity gospel” excesses, I encourage you to review that FAQ data also, as well as the several other informative pages which you can find listed on the Table of Contents page.


Many people have enjoyed the teaching of the Word of Faith message through the years, while many others have been quite critical of that message. Some have actually been hurt or traumatized by professing “Word of Faith ministers” who pushed their doctrines to self-serving extremes (and unfortunately, some of these false-ministers are so-called “leaders” within the movement). Meanwhile, many other believers have found sound principles within balanced teaching of faith as taught by some of God’s honest ministers, applied it to their own situations—and have experienced tremendous blessing and victory as a result.Regardless of the type of exposure, however, most people at least familiar with the “Word of Faith message” are also quite familiar with the fact that the late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin is considered the proverbial “father” of the movement. However…

Few seem to be aware of the fact that Brother Hagin (aka, “Dad Hagin”) had convened a special meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the campus of RHEMA Bible Training Center, circa the Fall of 1999. The topic: Excesses and error present within the “prosperity” message being taught by the major Word of Faith ministries.

My own former senior pastor was one of those in attendance. The first Sunday following that special meeting, he detailed publicly to the entire congregation (in both services) what had occurred. I was present to hear those details (in both services) since I was one of the Associate Pastors on staff there (in addition to hearing this same information privately as well). Thus my recollection of these events is confirmed by the memories of my fellow ministers and the many Christians who heard these same facts.

Among those whom the pastor reported to have been in attendance at that meeting were:

Kenneth Copeland
Creflo Dollar
Jerry Savelle
Jesse Duplantis
Mac Hammond
and Steve Parson (my former senior pastor)

Also summoned to the meeting was the “money cometh” preacher himself, Dr. Leroy Thompson. He refused to attend, however. Steve Parson explained to us that Mac Hammond reported to the group in attendance that he had previously called Leroy Thompson to find out why he was refusing to attend. “God told me not to come,” he replied. “That’s funny,” reportedly answered Mac, “God told me to call you and tell you to come. So one of us is missing it.”

Wisdom Speaks

When those who had agreed to attend were present in the room, Brother Hagin explained (and I paraphrase), “I called you all together to this special meeting because I need to address some error and excess in within the Word of Faith ‘camp’ regarding the prosperity message. I have written a book entitled, The Midas Touch: A Balanced Approach to Biblical Prosperity, and it will be coming out very soon. In order to avoid strife and confusion among our ranks, however, I wanted to convene this meeting and address these issues with you—the major Word of Faith ministries teaching this doctrine—in person first. That way, you all can adjust your messages accordingly before the book comes out, and there will be no contention among us.”

Reportedly, Kenneth Copeland then responded before the group, “If I am in error in any way, please feel free to correct me.” However, as we will soon learn, Copeland’s profession before the group to his own personal mentor and one of his “fathers in the faith” (along with Oral Roberts) would seem to have failed to manifest in full.

Unfortunately, Copeland’s own protégé (i.e. Creflo Dollar) seemed to do a better job than Copeland in following is own mentor’s lead. He has apparently followed Copeland back into the same errors previously addressed by Brother Hagin—rather than the sound and seasoned counsel given by the senior leader of the Word of Faith movement.

Regardless, Brother Hagin did share with those ministers that day his biblical counsel. Further, he gave them all advanced copies of the paperback edition of the book, which was subsequently released in 2000. In 2002 the hardback edition of The Midas Touch came out on the market, and is now the only version available “new” at the time of this writing.

So what did Brother Hagin have to say to them in that meeting? Well, exactly what was written within that very book that they were all given. Consequently, we will examine in the next video the details of what that book clearly articulates—which are the same corrections ministered that day by Rev. Hagin to those ministers present:

This is video 7 of many, from the exposure project by Rich Vermillion (who actually knows the man and wrote a book with him). Please visit the blog to see all the information (including text/downloads) as well as all the videos.

5 comments on “Kenneth Hagin-Spiritual Gifts-Word of Knowledge-Move of the Spirit?

  1. Jennifer L Falcon says:

    I just began listening to Hagin. In my spirit i sense he is on point. Been listening to Perry Stone A LOT too and he mentions Kenneth Hagin and that’s how I found him. Been seeking the Lord now after a very long split for 3 months. I am Pentecost tounge speaking Jesus follower.

    • Scarlett says:

      I don’t care what many people say about Kenneth Hagin being a “Word of Faith” teacher. He was not at all like the false disciples that followed after and perverted his teachings. The Holy Spirit led me to his books the very day I was baptized in the Spirit.
      As for Perry Stone, I’ve had some serious doubts about him, so I can’t recommend him. One thing I will urge you to do is to stay in serious study of the Word of God and prayer, and your not likely to get off track. Many blessings,

  2. shane thomas says:

    enjoyed your message about prosperity preaching thanks pastor shane thomas sometimes feel like i am only preacher left that does not preach on prosperity every service

  3. Scarlett says:

    Due to criticism I’ve received for posting Kenneth Hagin’s teachings, I feel led to offer my response to some of the objections to his teachings. I feel much of the criticism of Hagins teachings comes from the abuses of some of those who most of us are familiar with, such as Kenneth Copeland, who distorted Hagin’s teachings. However, there have been all too many heretic hunters out there, through their own lack of knowledge, who have perpetuated these unfounded rumors, perhaps because of their own doctrinal bias.

    I, for one, can honestly testify that as a new spiritfilled believer, who had not been indoctrinated into any believe system, found that the Hagin teachings worked. How this happened with me, and why I can say most emphatically Hagins teachings worked, is that I put them into practice.

    This may be difficult for some to accept, but my experience was that the very evening I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I was led supernaturally to a Christian book store where I began buying bibles…….and Kenneth Hagin booklets, and took them all home and began reading voraciously. I had not read the bible for many, many years….nor had I ever heard of Kenneth Hagin prior to that. It was through the bible, and one of the Hagin books that I learned about speaking in tongues, healing, etc. It was not that I was being led to put the Hagin books in front of the bible, but rather, they helped me to understand what the Lord was trying to teach me IN HIS WORD.

    This is my testimony of a supernatural experience of the way the Holy Spirit led me, and why I will not accept the lies, rumors and debates about Kenneth Hagin being a false teacher, heretic, and all the other nonsense proliferating on the Internet. It is scarcely Kenneth Hagin’s fault or responsibility that others may have had a bad experience with some abberant WOF wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many have done the same thing distorting the very teachings of Jesus as well. Was this Jesus fault? Of course not.

    Of course, this will no doubt continue due to the general apostate condition of today’s church, but the fact is that kenneth Hagin’s teachings put into practice by a sincere and devote believer will work and produce results. That is the proof of the pudding my friends.

    I pray Jesus will bless you all with godly wisdom and discernment in this and all matters,

  4. Scarlett says:

    Note: The Kenneth Hagin Book, “Midas Touch”, can be purchased through Amazon as well as other online sources and probably ordered through most Christian book stores. This is the book Brother Hagin wrote in an attempt to bring about balance in his Word Faith teachings that some so-called disciples had perverted and twisted, and made them into a false “prosperity gospel”.

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