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  1. Scarlett says:

    This post will be removed soon. It has served it’s purpose, and it creeps me out knowing that some people seem to get off on trying to peer into other people’s lives and souls, as if they haven’t already done enough damage by such behavior. I always know when they’ve been here…peering. Snooping is not an attractive trait.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Faith, prayer, hindrances to prayer~

    Last month I’ve purchased 2 new domains, that are totally unrelated to this topic. I plan to limit my time on this blog, (as much as I can), so I can work on those as well as other life changes that I am very excited about.

    The less time we give the enemy worrying about what someone else is doing, the better off we’d all be, and be more concerned about what WE’RE DOING and whether we are in faith or not because if we don’t judge ourselves, sooner or later God will.

    I am not going to give Satan the time of day to continue harassing me. As far as my enemies go, I’m praying for you. But I’m outta here. Cheers~

    Upon close examination in light of the Word of God, if anyone says this great man of God is a false teacher is a liar.

    “Woe be unto those that call good evil- and evil good”.

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