Message to the Heartland!

I recently saw a blog with a report that not only was this a false prophecy but that I was a false teacher for posting it. The criticism seemed to stem first of all concerning Watchman Report who produced the video. Also, there was included within the body of the video, a reference made to the 144,000 and 44. Admittedly, this baffled me as well, since I know Steven Crowder to be a true prophet who would not prophesy anything that was not of God. As I pondered this, and questioned the Lord about it, I have since come to the conclusion that Watchman Report inserted this into Steven’s prophecy when making this video, for whatever reason. I have since requested the full text of the prophecy from Watchman Report, so that I may examine it for myself. As of this date, I have not heard back from them. To complicate the issue, I seem to be unable to find online the original copy of the text of this prophecy as given to Bro. Crowder. Also, Brother Crowder is somewhat of an enigma, and reclusive. This is not an indictment against him. Instead, he doesn’t seem to be one of those seeking to make a name for himself. For since when do God’s prophets have to be “brand names” or big shots? God forbid. As for Watchman Report, I do not endorse either them or their teaching. Nevertheless, as we know from the Word of God, the Lord can even use a donkey to speak if he so chooses. That said, if the small portion of this prophecy was changed by Watchman Report, that does NOT negate the entirety of the prophecy as being true, nor Brother Crowder from being a true prophet. As for me, I have attempted to shed light on what I feel may have happened, as I wish to bring truth and light to the people of God, not confusion. The Holy Spirit will show true believers the truth and also the error that may have been introduced by Watchman Report without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Finally, the words, ” From Steven Crowder’s own words” were added by whomever posted this on Live Leak, and I don’t seem to be able to delete them. Obviously, if Bro. Crowders prophecy had been somewhat altered by Watchman Report, and the prophecy compromised by them, then that portion is “not” in Brother Crowder’s own words! Let the reader discern!

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Message to the Heartland~

Prophesied by Steven Crowder

In his own words, Steven Crowder… said the LORD gave him this vision/prophetic word in 1994.

Warning Message To Babylon-America

A powerful prophecy received by Steven Crowder in the heartland of America in 1998, regarding the dark future of America if the people do not repent (including Christians), much of which is coming true in this hour.

From The Heartland Of America

Steven Crowder

In the autumn of 1994, the Lord spoke audibly to me, and He told me to go into the heartland of America, into a city that means the end, and He spoke to me a name and county. So I came to the heartland, into the city that means the end, and I dwelt there. And the Lord said to me, I will make you invisible among the people. What do you see?

A door opened, and…

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The Corrupt Nicolaitan “Nanny” Church and The Almighty Dollar


“What’s Wrong With You People?
The present church system has contributed greatly to forming a system of fear and dependency within a closed system of logic where the “laity” has no way to exchange dialogue with the “clergy” relative to evaluation of biblical truth. The saints simply sit and listen and are spoon-fed bits and pieces of doctrine at the whim of the pastor-“king”or his representative. Bits and pieces that may or may not be scriptural truth. With the addition of a pseudo-“tithe” system to finance whatever they can dream of in order to build their personal kingdom the control noose tightens. The addition of the false teachings of the necessity of a “covering” in order to have an umbrella of protection of the pastor-“king”and his corporate structure of cookie-cutter saints further tightens the control noose.
And so the saints become bond-slaves to a man-made system of human works, rather than to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Careful study of the Bible shows that God always provided environments of love, life and liberty to His people. Instead, human traditions of converting others to a human held point of view, and then committing finances, time and abilities to that point of view provide additional control measures.

In effect they kill two birds with one stone: insuring total slavery for the constituents of the corporate organization and getting financial support for their personal kingdoms. Peter says in 2 Peter 2:3: “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” How many families have denied themselves proper food, clothing, shelter, automobiles, needed medical, dental and eye care in order to “give to God,” i.e., their local corporate organizational structure of glass, steel and brick? Because of fear God would “curse” them if they didn’t? “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5:8).
Paul, the apostle warned us in 1 Corinthians 7:23: “Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.” And in Galatians 5:1: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” In John 8:36, Jesus admonishes us: “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

By His death, burial and resurrection Jesus paid an unimaginable price for us to be free. What a travesty of justice for us to willingly put our own selves back into spiritual and financial bondage!
Excerpted from the article “Joel’s Army … Predator Or Protein … Let Us Reason Together,” which discusses why God and Christ are not doing a new thing, emphasizes that Bible teachings of doctrine are His eternal will and explains, biblically, that the locusts of Joel are instruments of His justice, not His saints.
If you are a die-hard fan of today’s false apostles, prophets and teachers you will not want to read the truths of the article. If you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, i.e., a learner, follower, supporter and imitator of Jesus Christ, instead of some odd-ball self-promoting loud-mouth religious pretender, you will profit from being exposed to the truth of what your false brothers and sisters, who claim to be Christians, are, in fact, teaching and practicing.

If your comfort is derived from thinking you are making weekly payments on your fire insurance by a fake “tithe,” to your new “… mediator between God and men …” instead of Jesus Christ, of which scripture tells us, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5) you are deceived. If somehow you also find comfort in some pretend “covering” invented by man to keep you in bondage under their false “covering,” you are deceived. Did I mention assembling together with the saints? And obeying your leaders?
Don’t tithe and you’re cursed. Don’t stay under their covering and the devil will wreak havoc upon you and your family. Don’t assemble and you’re being disobedient to God. Don’t obey your leaders and you’re in rebellion against God.
What a crock!
That’s all the epitome of self-centeredness, death and bondage! And a complete and total misunderstanding and misapplication of the heart of God for His children!
God is not about self-centeredness, but love; not death, but life; not bondage, but liberty!

What’s wrong with you people? You think you can rewrite the Bible according to what you and others think you heard from God, or had a dream or a vision or an alleged “prophetic word” about? All imaginary stuff to continue to keep you in a spiritual environment of self-centeredness, death and bondage?

Our God is an eternal God. What makes you or somebody else, a short-lived human being, think what you have to say is of equal or greater eternal value that what God has so carefully preserved for us by 40 different authors inspired by His Holy Spirit? Some of those authors were on different continents and three different languages were utilized in writing the Bible over a period of about 1,500 years. The Bible is inspired, infallible, and inerrant in the original languages. If you think any prophetical utterance or teaching today is God inspired, God infallible and God inerrant and therefore on an equal footing with the Bible, then you are a fool.

The bottom line: Cause (our Creator God) is greater in power and intelligence than effect (created mankind).
Stop living in the Old Testament. Read and study the New Testament and the anti-types and substance there and then look to the Old Testament for the types and shadows that have been fulfilled in the New Testament. The institutional church system is focused upon and attempts to imitate the Old Testament. They call their building “the house of God.” Read your bible — you are the house of God! They call the front of the place inside an “altar.” That’s Old Testament terminology. They talk about a “tithe.” That’s an Old Testament law given by God to the Jews to provide social justice for the fatherless, widows, strangers in the land and the poor. Unless you are an Israelite, governed by a theocracy, and own land in Israel, and raise crops or livestock, and there is a Levitical system in place you have nothing to “tithe.” Even the Jews today don’t tithe because there is no Old Testament system in place for them to do so. Read the article “Old Testament Tithe And New Testament Giving-the will of God.”

These false apostles, prophets and teachers talk about a “covering.” That’s not Old Testament or New Testament. It’s a figment of a group of persons imaginations known as the “Fort Lauderdale Five” who instituted the practice of “shepherding” and “covering” in the late 60’s and who also later recanted of having started that junk. They publically apologized and admitted their error. But the religious zealots saw a chance to extend their manipulation and intimidation to control the gullible saints. If you bought into it it’s way past time to read your Bible. It’s really strange that these self-established hirelings, wolves in sheeps clothing, teach that we are under grace and not the law and then continue to live in the Old Testament and teach, practice and perpetuate the traditions of men.

Forget the fantasy and fanaticism. Live in reality. We have a whole bunch of people who nominally name the name of Christ, but in reality are only fans: enthusiastic followers of entertainment Christianity and admirers of Jesus Christ as a famous historical person who worked miracles, even proclaiming they are fanatic for Jesus! They are attracted to the supernatural, or spiritual, element of Christianity, hoping to satisfy the God-created vacuum inside of them (which can only be filled by God Himself) by affiliating with those who they think are “spiritual” power-houses. That’s not Christianity, folks, all that is simply a fantasy to fulfill a hidden desire for a “super-person” to save them from the bad guys in this world. It’s Superman and Captain Marvel and the good guy in the western movies with the white hat on the white horse shooting up the guys with the dark hats on dark horses. The contemporary heroes are even more fantastic. The Matrix movie franchise is another, with its New Age religious message which some seem to think portrays Christianity. All of this is religious fantasy-land with its many fans. What it isn’t is true biblical Christianity. Where are the disciples of Jesus? Those who learn of Jesus, follow Jesus, support Jesus, and imitate Jesus? Quit kidding yourselves, you are following the traditions of men and making the word of God of none effect with this contemporary pseudo-Christian fantasy lifestyle. The institutional church system today is divided about biblical truth and trying very, very hard to unite in biblical error. Time for a reality check, isn’t it? The reality is that what we’re talking about has a name: apostasy. Read the article “Scriptural Guidelines For Today’s Apostasy-pure truth of God.”
God has given us the structure of the true home ekklesias in the New Testament. Man has given us the false “church” structure inherited from Constantine in the fourth century.

Attempts to start a “home church” based upon institutional church precepts all fail eventually. Longevity of a “home church” is almost always short-lived. Why? Because some person or group of persons always wants to be in charge, instead of letting Jesus Christ, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, be in charge. I have many articles on what a true home ekklesia is, and what it’s not. (Click here to go there)    The “Site Map” (click here to go there) has a list, by category, of all the pages on this web site. Check it out and get back on track with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Nothing I have to say is as important as the Bible. The only thing I can teach you is how to think for yourself and to research the Bible for what God is really saying to us human beings.
It’s your choice as to whether you want to continue in self-centeredness, death and bondage, or to learn how to enjoy the love of the Father, the abundant life in Jesus Christ, and the liberty of the Holy Spirit.
What are you going to do now?”

I think a little “disclaimer” should be in order here. I do not agree with some of the other writings of this author, posted elsewhere on his website, but I do agree with the above as a spiritually beneficial commentaries. I believe this to be a good one. I wouldn’t knowingly post anything on this blog that wouldn’t be. “First, do no harm”.




The Institutional Church System is an Unbiblical Abuser of Christ



Hitler Defends the Institutional Church, (satire)


Yes friends, this issue of being a real disciple of Jesus Christ, (not a spoon fed powerless bottle baby that hasn’t learned how to walk yet), is serious business, but nevertheless, now that we’ve been liberated from the mess, we don’t mind poking a little truthful jab at that old ogre, the apostate, institutional, organized harlot.



“As a humanly organized hierarchical authoritarian structure there are published and unstated rules which members of the institutional church system value as being above those found in the Bible.
There are certain religious words, symbols and ideas that are taught to those within such a system that have little, or no value to those who are strangers to that system.
There are also unstated rules which are learned by word of mouth and considered as part and parcel of that religious, social and political system.
When attempting to communicate or exchange dialogue with those who are strangers to the institutional church system those stated and unstated rules are verbalized in an attempt to convince strangers to the system of the value of the institutional church system.
When pressed for an explanation, or an interpretation of those stated and unstated values, the members only know to repeat what they have already said. The reason for that is that they, also, have no idea what the explanation or interpretation of what they just said really is.
Memorization of verses of scripture from the King James Version of the Bible are a top favorite. Just spout them out by rote and the Holy Spirit will convict them, right? Wrong. They will simply respond by surprise and an attempt to get away from what you are saying (dissociate) because it doesn’t make any sense to them. In their attempt to dissociate they unwillingly enter into an altered state of consciousness, which leaves them more vulnerable to the ideas being offered. In this eyes wide open altered state of consciousness their brain releases chemicals almost identical to opium, creating an addiction to whatever caused the altered state. While in this state they are 20 to 25 times more open to suggestion than while in a wide-awake, fully aware Beta state.
This is a favorite of many cults, a surprise confrontation (this works particularly well if the person appears bizarre which may be either their mode of dress or mannerisms) accompanied by a loud voice, slowly drifting back to a normal tone of voice as suggestions are made to buy or become a part of something.
The only way the institutional church system can reach strangers to their way of life [read: the unsaved] is to get them physically inside of their institutional church building and employ psychological and emotional tactics and peer pressure to condition them to alter their decision-making consciousness to also become part of their group.
An eyes wide open altered state of consciousness—accomplished primarily through a “worship service” employs voice, sound and lighting methods which robs them of their ability to correctly perceive, analyze and interpret the effects of what is happening to them. The same technique is used by the unbiblical practice of issuing an “altar call.”
Peer pressure is particularly powerful, and when they see the “faithful” (faithful to what?) all doing the same physical antics it has a stunning hypnotic effect.
Then we see elements of the battered bride syndrome, and the Stockholm syndrome. This can occur in as little as two days, so great efforts are made to get the new prospect to attend at least two such “services.” Success is almost guaranteed, unless the person(s) involved are very strong intellectually and emotionally. Stockholm syndrome refers to a group of symptoms among those who suffer physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse or any combination of these. It’s a known defense mechanism to avoid fear, terror, violence and physical and mental pain. It’s a survival strategy and a very common phenomenon. It’s also an expression of gratefulness to the abuser for providing an escape from threats of death or violence from the abuser or another source. There is an emotional bonding with the abuser, and they seek the abuser’s approval. The longer the period of association with the abuser the stronger the emotional bonding will be. Psychologically they must give up their previously held value systems and believe that their very survival will come about only when they totally surrender to the will of their abuser.
Note these are the tactics originally employed to get the “member” under the control of unbiblical self-appointed “leaders.”
All of this is utilized by members because of their biblical illiteracy and unbiblical lifestyle which includes, but is not limited to teachings that there is authority in custom and tradition, therefore the institutional church system has authority. This is badly flawed logic as the truth is that there is only authority in custom if the majority in society finds the custom to be good, i.e., beneficial, utilitarian, valuable and desirable. Then it may be assigned authority by the majority. Just because you’ve done things wrong for 1,700 years doesn’t make it right.
More unbiblical teachings also include teachings that God will curse you, the devil will kill you, steal from you and destroy you, that you are being disobedient to God and you are in rebellion against God if you don’t tithe, have a “covering,” assemble at their building at pre-set times, and obey everything alleged “leaders” think, say and do.
Because of the constant abuse and subsequent sense of loss in individuals in this abusive place, grieving is an ongoing traumatic experience, causing further problems, especially if trauma is already present in an individuals life because of post-traumatic stress disorder.
These extremely unhealthy mental and emotional problems are simply passed on to the unsuspecting who think they are being taught about “God” by those who label themselves as “experts” about God because that’s the impression they give to the strangers to the system.
Is it any wonder that today billions of people on this earth want nothing to do with what they perceive to be “Christianity?”
Why aren’t churches a good witness of Christ?
Because they make disciples of a biblically illegitimate, paganized, Romanized, pope-modeled, traditional, man-made organization which has violated the very will and purpose of God for His ecclesia. Instead of reflecting the teaching, preaching and healing values of Christ.
Simple, huh?
If only they could see the living Christ within those who name His name. If only they could see Christ in the 24-hour a day, seven-day a week lifestyle of those who, instead, teach and preach and practice criticism, condemnation and judgment at them.
If only they were incorporated into a Christ-like lifestyle of true disciples of Jesus Christ and taught and demonstrated the love of God, the abundance of life in Jesus Christ and the liberty of the Holy Spirit—then it would make a world of difference!
Wouldn’t it?




Wide Is The Gate: The New Spiritual Deception

We are being told that Christianity needs to “be reinvented”? That Christianity needs to be reformed.

We are seeing multitudes of new, strange movements springing up everywhere one turns.




Apostasy and ecumenism, which is in essence to put all religions into a blender so to speak and incorporate them into Christianity. We are seeing the so-called emergent church, the rebirth of ancient mysticism, contemplative prayer, which is nothing more than Eastern mysticism, i.e., meditation, New Age practices such as Yoga, which is East Indian Kundalini movement, the seeker friendly churches, “Reformed theology”, which is nothing more than Calvinism warmed over and made to appear more “relevant”. We have “mama Mary” the Catholic church calling for the ecumenical coming together of all religions, and taking her daughter, so-called, the Protestants to come back under her wing. Nothing new there, the RCC has always been more than willing to incorporate any belief system into and under the Catholic umbrella as long as it embraced the Pope and total authority of the church.


We have seen in the last two decades, any and every type of deception out there in the world attempting to claw it’s way into biblical Christianity and attach itself like a transplanted organ would and become part of the original. But friends, that’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the scriptures, which are very explicit about what and what not is scriptural truth. The world doesn’t like this and calls it “absolutism” and it rankles them because they want to believe what they want to believe even if that means attempting to put a square block into a round hole. But that won’t be scriptural and God is not going to accept it. Jesus said WIDE IS THE GATE that leads to destruction, and as of this date in 2012, we have multitudes on that road. I heard Oprah say, but there MUST BE more roads to heaven! Who says so Oprah? Oprah doesn’t know this but she is merely a pebble in the vast scope of the eternal. And she doesn’t get to call the shots, and neither do you or I. It’s not our opinion that carries weight and that will decide the final outcome of things it’s Gods.


Think about this, if there is VERY GOD, the I AM, then by his very nature he is supernatural in being. Is it beyond one’s finite mind to consider that scripture indicates correctly there is also an adversary of evil named Satan? And that his one tool, is deception. Then our weapon must be the truth. The truth of the gospel and our faith as our power. Jesus said over and over again, “Be not deceived” or, “Let no man deceive you”, but allow me to suggest our worst enemy may be ourselves in that we have a mind with which to take in information, and a spirit to receive what we accept. Therefore,lets examine carefully what we do or do not accept as truth and why. Let’s go through the scriptures prayerfully as we study the Word of God, asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to all truth.

Yes, I know you’ve probably heard these admonitions before, but please do not take them lightly because truly, the days are evil and gross darkness has swept across the land.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you this day,


Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

This is another warning on ecumenism that’s becoming so prevalent in the organized church.
I love REAL CHRISTIAN BLOGGERS like Evelyn who blogs at:

“In Christ and Unchurched”,, because you won’t hear these warnings in the apostate organized churches. Even in “evangelical” churches nowadays, the world is intruding in the form of “political correctness”, and ecumenism. The pure gospel is not going to be popular. But Jesus said you can’t serve two masters. It won’t work. Christians are going to have to make a choice, and they are not going to be able to straddle the fence.


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Sneaky Calvinism vs. Overcoming Sin!

How to Stop Sinning, (part 1 of 4)

The following is from an e-mail I sent to a sister in the LORD during a conversation we were having about the dangers of Calvinism:

That’s the danger of reading other people’s stuff, it can be so sneaky.

God’s Word is the best, as taught by the Holy Spirit. That’s all I did way back in the very beginning, and you know what? He was always gently provoking me to good works and a closer walk with Jesus. Why bother with the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit at all, or even listening to Him if we are just going to lay back and remain “as is”?

There is a growth in the Spirit, and a greater faith to be attained and built up in the Spirit, and let me tell you it does come by grace accompanied by works of righteousness… and striving to crucify that old carnal flesh nature.

Even Jesus did mighty “works” by the Power of God, which he did in love, and by obedience to the Father. Faith worketh by love.

Abraham could never have committed to that walk up the mountain with Isaac without a lot of mental and spiritual struggle, soul searching and agony of the spirit in putting down his natural carnal human feelings if he hadn’t known for sure God was speaking to him, believing God and trusting in Him. Of course, God never intended to allow him to go through with it, but He demanded the absolute obedience and commitment from Abraham. It was FAITH SHOWN BY WORKS! Amen!

Christians need to stop this nonsense and spiritual deception of believing they can’t stop sinning. That’s why they buy into the Calvinism lie. We have to pray and let the Word of God saturate us with it’s mystery and wisdom. That is a work in itself, to be transformed by renewing our minds by the washing of water with the Word. The pure living Word. By being obedient to Jesus Commandments when He said “Obey My commandments”.and that His Word was Spirit and Life…..That’s pretty Jesus 101, but people want to make it complicated. I guess so they can avoid obeying Him, (or are the listening to the wrong spirit?)

We might start being obedient to that, and to Jesus, instead of reading so many commentaries. There are plenty of places in our lives where we still need to make changes by an act of our own will, if we stop and think about it. I mean…old habits we need to shake off. Like talking too much, instead of listening, as if what WE have to say is so all fired important. Or, maybe by “spiritually” running from house to house, being spiritual busy bodies, not redeeming the time, not devoting ourselves purely to Jesus, and possibly a hundred other things that’s not “loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength”. And the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? We need to rebuke OURSELVES for being so spiritually arrogant, and proud, instead of looking at the other guy and judging his sins. Jesus is looking for a bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish, not a bunch of self righteous Pharisees. Or, lazy Christians who refuse to do the work of obey Jesus.

If we love Him, we will OBEY HIM. And His Power, (Grace), will help us to do it. “Flesh and blood will not enter into the Kingdom”. Flesh is going to have to be crucified, and Jesus is not going to do that for us. He commanded us to do it.