So-called “Christian” Reiki Exposed as Dangerous

I have recently been posting on the dangers of New Age, the occult, Yoga, Eastern mysticism, Cults, and various and sundry other unbiblical and downright demonic practices making inroads into the church, which is supposed to be holy, not a haunt for every unclean bird. Now, we have yet another unclean bird, a vulture actually, coming to roost in the branches of the church…….so-called Reiki.It’s actually not new, but what’s frightening is that like many of these other occultish spiritual practices, it’s worming  its way into the church and many Christians are accepting it as a valid expression of divine healing from God. This is blasphemous!

Can anything that seems or feels good, or heals be a bad thing? You’d better believe it can. Satan is well able to do healings if it will take people away from Jesus Christ. Not only that, the impartations given during Reiki “healings” are never going to be by the power of the Holy Spirit , but instead, by Satan  allowing his demons to enter in. I assure you, this will not be a “healing” experience for you when all is said and done.

Those of you who came to this site because you recognized “Christian Reiki” as being practiced amongst church people and want more information about how to combat it will recognize the truth in the videos, just as they bear witness with my spirit. On the other hand, those who called themselves evangelical Christians who are embracing  Reiki as something wonderful and not harmful, you are probably either going to be horribly offended by the content I’ve placed here for your edification…or, you will have the eyes of your understanding enlightened.  If you are a Christian who has begun practicing Reiki believing it’s OK with God, I urge you to repent and come back fully to the obedience of Jesus Christ and follow Him.
As a bible believing Christian, I do not believe there is any room for argument, (if the truth be told), that Reiki, and other pagan or heathen practices are not compatible with the teachings of Christ.
Either receiving or practicing Reiki,  if not repented of, will open the door for demonic spirits to enter in and begin to oppress you, influencing your thought processes and taking you away from Jesus Christ by following an idolatrous false path. This has been Satan’s great desire and purpose from the beginning, to deceive God’s people and get them as far away from Jesus and the truth of God as he can.

Demons seek entrance into the door of the mind and body through Reiki

Reiki tries to make it seem to be a good, loving thing of God, when in reality it is demonic in origin

Reiki is totally aligned and attuned to Yoga, whether it is claimed or not.


Next, I am posting Part 4 to Gabriella Claires amazing series on Reiki, brilliantly and honestly done. I would encourage every Reiki practitioner, or those who are considering receiving Reiki to read this series in it’s entirety, and to do so without making a pre-judgment condemnation of it, but with the intention of gaining insight and truth. That’s just simple wisdom.

The Occult Practice of Reiki Part 4: My Personal Experience with Reiki

In this fourth post of this series on Reiki, I will share my testimony about Reiki, but there are certain details that I must keep confidential, as I am dedicated to at least attempting to remain anonymous if possible. Allow me to briefly set the stage. I was raised as a Christian and was a strong believer in Jesus. Once I became independent, I began to have many questions and to explore my spirituality. In the process, I discovered New Age philosophies and practices. Things such as near-death experiences, astral projection, psychic abilities, reincarnation, etc. became fascinating to me. I longed to know and experience God deeply, but was going about it the wrong way. Over time, my beliefs evolved and I experienced quite a bit of existential conflict and confusion.

For personal reasons, I became depressed and decided to join a cult out of a desperate need to be understood and to belong. The cult claimed to promote free thinking, which really meant thinking like them. As a consequence of involving myself in this cult, I became agnostic and was subjected to arrogant manipulation and spiritual trauma. Though that sounds terrible, and it was, this was the turning point in my life that caused me to call upon the Lord. Sometimes our worst decisions in life can lead to our best ones. In my darkest moment, I cried out to Jesus, and He saved me. I left the cult abruptly, and have been a Christian ever since. I will tell a more elaborate version of that testimony in a future post, but the reason that I have shared a short version of it right now is to provide a backstory for my involvement in Reiki.

Rededicating my life to Christ did not make all of my questions and New Age beliefs go away overnight. I had to go through a period of relearning in order to gain discernment and understanding. My heart broke (and still breaks) at the thought of others suffering in the way that I did. I longed for a way to help others recover from spiritual trauma and find deliverance. Thus, I became interested in healing.

Although the desire to heal had been in my heart for a long time, I had never had a reason to pursue it, especially because I wondered if God would really use me to heal anyone. Rarely in my experience with going to church throughout my life had I seen healing occur. Despite my prior exploration in the New Age, I had never really done any serious research into Reiki and had never practiced it. I had read positive things about it from a Christian author, however.

I knew a few people who practiced Reiki, a couple of them being Christians. Although Reiki seemed like a possibility, I cautiously hesitated to pursue it due to my previous traumatic spiritual experiences. I felt the Lord calling me to be a healer, but had no idea what to do other than to pray and ponder. One day, my friend, who is an unbeliever and practices Reiki, came over to my house to hang out with me and asked me if they could try their Reiki on me. Thinking that this was oddly coincidental, or even synchronistic, I consented. I had received Reiki treatments before, which had not seemed to have had any negative consequences, so I wanted to have the chance to reevaluate it.

Well, that night I dreamed about Reiki literally all night. At the time, I felt like that was a confirmation that I should do it. Retrospectively, however, I recognize that that was Satan tempting me. A few weeks later, I addressed one of my Christian friends who practices Reiki in order to ask them about their experiences with it and to ask them if they could attune me. The conversation went well, and my friend agreed to attune me, so I decided to pursue Reiki.

I received various additional signs which I believed confirmed my decision. However, I cannot share those in detail, as doing so could give away my identity to certain individuals. My story right now as I have told it could apply to many people, so I will keep it that way. All I can say is that I had a few positive dreams about doing Reiki, and a friend gave me a prophetic word, of sorts.

My Reiki master friend expressed generosity and kindness to me, and the attunement went well. I did not have any mystical experiences during the activation ritual like many people claim to have. When I tried Reiki on others, however, I would receive insights about them that they had not told me, and the sessions seemed to have positive results. One friend received alleviation from a headache and newfound energy after having a session with me. A few other people felt emotional clarity and peace after receiving Reiki treatments from me. All the while, I thought I was being used by God and serving as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to flow through.

Though I believed that Reiki was what God wanted me to do, I still had doubts, which I now know were the Holy Spirit warning me. The first red flag that I encountered about Reiki was when I was reading a book called Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. At one point in the book, Myss describes how she has an ability called “medical intuitiveness” and how she spontaneously channeled a spirit for a client. After reading that, I put the book down and never picked it up again. I instinctively knew that something didn’t feel right about channeling, but at the same time, I didn’t completely rule it out, either. It would be accurate to say that I was a rather double-minded person. At the time, I thought that maybe New Age practices weren’t all bad and that maybe I had only had traumatic spiritual experiences because of having associated with the wrong people in that cult.

The next red flag that I encountered about Reiki was one day when I met with a friend—the friend whose headache had gone away after having received a Reiki treatment from me. This friend confided in me that they had had a very distressing and demonic (not normal) nightmare. I don’t think that my friend connected the Reiki treatment with the nightmare. The thought crossed my mind, but I dismissed it as Satan trying to sabotage us and discourage me from healing. Later on, when I would have my own bad experiences with Reiki and repent of practicing it, I would put two and two together to realize that the Reiki treatment really had caused my friend’s nightmare. Luckily, while my friend and I had met, we prayed together, and I shared a prayer for deliverance with them. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to broach the subject with my friend now to check up on them, and I really regret having subjected them to such a dangerous spiritual practice. I had only wanted to help others, but instead, I had been hurting them.

The next red flag that I encountered about Reiki actually did not pertain directly to it. A friend and I went to an event where there were fortune tellers. So of course, we decided to have our fortunes told. I honestly had no idea what to expect and thought that it would be just for fun. Well, it turned out that my personal fortune teller told me things about myself and certain beliefs of mine that I had neither disclosed to them nor hinted toward. I had been expecting a brief palm reading, but instead I got a ten-minute session with a psychic who used tarot cards and channeling. At first, I was blown away by the things that the psychic had told me, and I walked away from that session trembling.

After much thought and prayer, however, I later came to the conclusion that this encounter had not been of God. Filled with regret, I went into my prayer closet, laid prostrate on the floor, and cried to Jesus for forgiveness. I was so devastated that I had been unfaithful to the one person who never leaves nor forsakes me. Amidst crying tears of sorrow at my sin, I began to sing “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan. When I reached the lyrics that say, “if His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking,” the grace of God replaced my sadness and I began to cry tears of thankfulness.

It was this incident that made me trust my instinct that channeling is demonic. Mediums claim that channeling is not inviting a spirit into one’s body but rather tuning into the frequency that a spirit is communicating on. In other words, the medium supposedly acts sort of like a TV channel. That’s ahem, cough cough, total BS. Channeling is definitely opening oneself up to demonic possession. Remembering back to what I had read in Anatomy of the Spirit several months prior, I decided to research several other prominent Reiki masters to see if they also do channeling. With a quick search on the internet, I found that many of them do. 99% of the ones whom I looked up, do. I’m sure there are others out there who do not do channeling and whom I did not look up, but that’s aside from the point. Actually, to get technical, all Reiki practitioners believe that they are channeling universal life force energy when they perform healings, so…

Anyway, the discovery that research revealed to me made me feel very uncomfortable about Reiki, but it did not make me turn completely away from it yet. Instead, I half-way took a break for a while from practicing Reiki. In other words, I was hesitant to do it because of my doubts and only did it sometimes on myself whenever I wanted to test it again.

Shortly after the fortune teller incident, I finally found a church that felt right for me. I encountered the Holy Spirit there in a way that I had not encountered Him at any other church. The members there quickly became like family to me. Ultimately, God used my church family to bring me completely out of Reiki. During a worship meeting, I asked for prayer, and a couple of my church friends said that they sensed that my home needed spiritual cleansing. Some things that I have struggled with ever since the traumatic experiences I had in the cult are hearing voices while trying to fall asleep and having demonic nightmares. The nightmares, however, aren’t nearly as bad as the uncontrollable kind that I had when I was in the cult. God protects me by waking me up from them, and I seem to have fewer of them over time, but nevertheless, I still suffer this consequence. Reiki did not seem to worsen my problem at first, although I did notice my perceptions gradually and subtly become stranger during sleep than they had been before. This is what my church friends had prayed for me about, and they came to my home to cleanse it with prayer, worship, and the anointing of oil.

At that point, I asked them what they thought about Reiki, and they warned me against it, saying that it is an idol. Well, I did not want to hold onto Reiki if it was an idol—though I was not sure whether it was or not—because I wanted to be faithful to God. Therefore, my church friends led me through a prayer of renunciation, and I got rid of items that were associated with Reiki. It took me a little while longer to let go completely of Reiki because I was confused. Why had I had good experiences with it? What if I had made a decision out of fear instead of out of love by giving it up? What if I had thrown away a gift that God had given me?

All of this uncertainty caused me to feel depressed. At the same time, I felt guilty for feeling depressed because my home felt much more peaceful, and I thought I should be feeling grateful instead. In His grace, God showed me a dream of a rainbow over a cloud to comfort me. He was the rainbow, and I was the gray cloud. This dream reminded me of the scripture that says that God will rejoice over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). I also now associate it with the scripture that says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time” (1 Peter 5:6, NIV). Though I felt so guilty and confused, God reminded me of His everlasting love for me and of how He is always watching over me.

The depression finally got to me, and I made the rather bad decision to try Reiki on myself one last time. After I did it, I knew that it had been the wrong choice. When laying hands on myself, I heard a demonic voice say something about my throat, which deterred me from attempting to heal my throat chakra. The next day, I came down with a fever and did not immediately make a connection to what had happened the night prior. Reiki experts would think that my illness was a result of my body detoxifying, but I know that is not true because of the demonic voice that I had heard. My illness started out as a fever, became a sore throat, and turned into full-blown bronchitis. My cough was violent and relentless, and I couldn’t sleep for two nights straight as a result. I felt so depressed and alone laying there awake, sick, with no one to hold me. The most devastating part of being this sick for two solid weeks was that I could not sing to the Lord. Satan attacked me in this way because he does not want us to worship God. He wants us to worship him.

On top of being ill, I had several demonic nightmares, as well as a demonic out-of-body experience. The OBE is too weird to attempt explaining. The only thing that I will say about the OBE is that it started out feeling nice with the sensations of warm energy vibrating from my hands to the chakras. Then the chakras swirled very intensely and I encountered the spirits behind these sensations. The source did not match the sensations at all. It is as the Bible says: “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). I won’t describe the rest of the OBE, as like I said, it is too weird. I now know that chakras are not naturally part of our spiritual anatomy. They are portals opened up by demons when a person messes with Reiki and other such practices. These portals give demons access to the person’s body, mind, and spirit.

Some examples of demonic nightmares that I had include a dream that involved my lungs being possessed by a snake and a dream that involved hellfire. Reiki is connected with something called Kundalini, which is supposedly a spiritual energy that surges through the spine and chakras and that is likened to a serpent. Recall that Satan is depicted as a serpent in the Bible. I never experimented with Kundalini awakenings and whatnot in practicing Reiki, as that was a line that I was unwilling to cross, but I’m explaining this phenomenon in order to point out the demonic nature of energy healing. Note that when you mess with Reiki, you mess with all of it, whether you intend to or not. Some Christians who practice Reiki, for instance, choose not to use the symbols or not to consult with spirit guides. In actuality, they are involving themselves with these forces without realizing it despite their intentions not to. Anyway, doing Reiki on myself obviously increased the frequency and intensity of my nightmares. Doing Reiki and other occult practices opens doorways to demonic oppression, attacks, and influence. It gives Satan legal rights to torment a person.

In addition to evil dreams and visions, I had a telekinetic experience. One day when I was having dinner and working at my computer, I suddenly felt a cold sensation that started in my shoulder blade. The coldness spread through my arm to my hand, and it was tingly. Then, I noticed that as I lifted my hand, a small plastic wrapper lifted along with it. At first, I thought that I was imagining things and that maybe the wrapper had just gotten stuck to my skin or that static was causing this to happen. I tried it with the other hand, and nothing happened. Then I tried again several more times with the initial hand, and the same phenomenon repeated itself. As the wrapper would lift, coldness would rush throughout my hand. Now, some people might think “How cool!” if this were to happen to them. Heck, I thought that telekinesis was cool, in theory. But in reality, I was like “oh h*** no!” I did not like the power. I concluded from this incident that if I had not been doing Reiki, then there would not have been a demonic opening for such telekinesis to occur through me.

Well, after all of that, I finally got the point. About time, right? I therefore gave up Reiki for good and deleted every single book having to do with Reiki and New Age spirituality on my computer, as well as every related file and website on my favorites list, and everything else that I could think of. Getting rid of virtual possessions is just as important as getting rid of material possessions when it comes to spiritually cleansing your living space. One of my friends from church came over and prayed with me again, and I was grateful for their grace and understanding in interacting with me. They did not judge me at all, but instead showed empathy. After my friend prayed with me, I recovered from my illness in a normal amount of time. (The antibiotics helped, too). I confessed my sin to God, repented, and officially renounced practicing Reiki. I still, however, struggled with nightmares and did not get enough sleep. When I was finally well enough to return to counseling, my psychotherapist said that I looked like I felt terrible and advised me to seek help from my church. I was so scared at night whenever it was time to go to sleep.

My friend from church had told me that the nightmares would try to come back, but that I would just have to say “no” to them. After enduring restless nights with extreme anxiety and depression, and perhaps a bit of suicidal ideation, God finally built up the courage in me to say “enough is enough.” So, I prayed to God asking Him how to defend myself and cleanse my home. Amidst praying, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to proclaim God’s promises. Anointing my home with lavender oil and prayer, I proclaimed God’s promises, such as “love always protects” (1 Corinthians 13:7), and “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Additionally, I praised the Lord with singing and read scripture. As I was reading the Bible, I suddenly felt, saw, and heard a ball of energy whiz past my ear. By the Holy Spirit, I knew that that was a demon trying to scare me into thinking that the house cleansing was not working. I knew that Satan wanted me to believe that I had screwed up beyond redemption and that God would therefore not protect me. The demons were bluffing, and this was really their desperate scare tactic. The ball of energy whizzing past my ear startled me and caused me to jump involuntarily. In the name of Jesus, I commanded it to leave and I commanded that demons no longer had the right to be in my home. From that day forward, I was able to have restful sleep again. Though I still experience demonic nightmares at times, they are a result of Satan attacking me as a child of God because he hates Christ and not because he has any legal rights to do so. When Satan does not have legal rights to attack a person, that person has much greater protection from God. Additionally, we have to claim our promise to protection from God; we have to believe that His word is true. I know from experience that fearing demons and doubting our Christ-given authority as believers gives them leverage to oppress us. We especially have to understand God’s gift of grace for us and our identity as His children. I won’t pretend to have reached this point of total understanding yet, but I am on the journey there and God is working in me.

Now, I know without a doubt that all New Age practices and philosophies are not of God. I want nothing to do with them! There is no true meaning in them. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). New Age spirituality cannot offer any true peace or bring you closer to God. Please trust me on this one.

Giving up Reiki entirely was very difficult, because I did not (and still do not) know how to break it to my friend/former Reiki master. Additionally, I found it pretty hope-shattering to discover that I was back to square one and had seemingly no meaningful way to help others. I knew that Satan wanted me to feel useless, worthless, hopeless, and purposeless, but I could not help but feel that way anyway.

After having confided in a loved one about some of the things that I was going through, which I normally would have never done, my loved one prayed for me and I had a dream from God the next morning. As I awoke, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Behind every masterpiece, there is a story.” Though I still experience depression on the path to finding my calling, I find hope in the message of this dream and in the encouragement that God gives me along the way. Even though my story is hard to live through at times, I take comfort in knowing that I am God’s masterpiece, so everything will come together. You, dear reader, are God’s masterpiece, too, so have hope! God loves you and wants you to experience true freedom in your life. The plans that He has for you and me are good (Jeremiah 29:11). Jesus Christ is our true Savior, healer, and deliverer. If you haven’t met Him yet, and you would like to, then ask Him into your heart.❤ I hope Jesus uses this testimony to call out to you.


If you are struggling with Reiki or New Age spirituality and need prayer or a listening ear, please contact me at:

But most of all, whatever you do, always remember to call out to Jesus!


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41 comments on “So-called “Christian” Reiki Exposed as Dangerous

  1. Tony says:

    Scarlett have you heard of a heresy going around Christian churches called Chrislam? It is a blend of Christianity and Islam. You would be amazed at those who are embracing this teaching.

    • Scarlett says:

      Yes, I have Tony. The Lord sacrificed His Precious son, He left His Word, and urged us all to believe in the Lord Jesus, and study His Holy Scriptures…………and then some people do this instead: follow a corruption of the Bible and become enemies of the Cross of Christ? !!!.
      They are reprobate.

  2. Lara says:

    I don’t want to reiterate what Scarlett and some others who’ve posted replies have boldly and bravely communicated about the dangers of Reiki and all New Age/occult/energy healing modalities including but not limited to Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Yoga, Kundalini, meditation, centering prayer, contemplative prayer, Reflexology, labyrinths, etc.

    I only want to share that there is IMMENSE danger in attending a massage school, at least in my experience and apparently those of many others, as well as in receiving massage or even chiropractic treatment. It isn’t that there is anything evil about pure, simple massage therapy or even chiropractic treatment (though I don’t know much about chiropractic therapy so I couldn’t say for sure). The danger in massage school is that many, if not most or all of them are so intensely saturated with New Age teachings and practices that there is no escaping it. For those who are naive or immature Christians or those who aren’t Christians at all, it is a spiritual death trap wrapped in warm and fuzzy experiences, love and light. I took out a $12,000 student loan to attend Baltimore School of Massage York, Pa in 2010. The required curriculum was entirely tangled with alternative energy healing modalities, belief systems and philosophies. To top it off, the entire staff of the school was devoted to perpetuating New Age beliefs, indoctrinating all of their witting and unwitting students, with what they believed to be good intentions, I’m sure. At least one of my instructors was a professing witch. Even the office staff were Reiki practitioners, offering their attunement services privately for a fee. We were required to participate in guided meditations in many of our labs, encouraged to tap into psychic energy as we practiced cranial sacral therapy and other energy-based modalities including reflexology and even traditional swedish massage. We were taught to practice “beingness” and sending good energy and intention to the client on our table. We were encouraged to incorporate Reiki into our massages (without disclosing this to and acquiring permission from our clients) if we were attuned to it. One of our teachers played “The Secret” throughout one of our classes. Even my Anatomy & Physiology teacher was completely given over to occult beliefs and practices, sharing and disseminating them to everyone IN A&P CLASS!! I’m still paying off that $12k and refuse to have anything to do with massage therapy. I’ve repented of all of my involvement, witting or not, with anything and everything occult and only want to warn others to run for their lives and not fall into this trap. I was a professing Christian when I enrolled and attended BSOM, though I understand now that I knew nothing of true salvation or redemption and life in Christ at that time. I had good intentions, but the road to deception and death is paved with good intentions.

    And the reason for avoiding massage therapy altogether? Because you may book a 50min massage but end up unwittingly receiving Reiki or other energy healing without ever knowing it or having consciously agreed to it. If you aren’t aware that it may happen you cannot protect yourself from it. There was an woman in my class at BSOM who was a Christian as well and was having a lot of trouble accepting the convergence of the esoteric teachings with her faith. During one of our labs where we were performing cranial sacral therapy, the student practicing on her was attempting to access her mind (we were encouraged to do so, and encouraged as the “clients” to be cooperative with this). He was able to get so far before he said it was like a door slammed shut and he was violently forced out. When the woman was asked to share her side of the experience she was in tears and unconsolable. She said she felt something trying to get into her head and her spirit and she was trying to let it because we were told to do so, but it felt wrong, dangerous, so she began praying for Jesus to cover and protect her and then suddenly the invasion was gone. I have former friends who are Reikians who will perform Reiki as a part of their massage practice without informing the client or asking and receiving their permission. But regardless, most people are unaware of the dangers and may agree without ever knowing what they have just allowed entrance into their lives. Please, if you are going to get a massage, do your research, ask A LOT of questions and make sure that the therapist is in no way involved with any New Age practices.

    Scarlett, I thank you for your courage to speak out and take the heat from those who are blind and can’t understand the truth. It breaks my heart, but I pray that they will listen when the Holy Spirit stirs and breaks their hearts for His beautiful truth and fall at Jesus’s feet in repentance. I was once one of them. I pray they will listen before their hearts are hardened by their own rebellion and rejection of truth.

  3. Allison says:

    Also in addition I have read through some of these past comments and what stuck out what someone defending reiki and calling the person a “twit” for not understanding its so called powers. That comment in and of itself shows the true colors of reiki. Any argument that is valid won’t need to stick in such callous words. Reiki complexes are everywhere and you can easily see reiki on a person, they look insane in the eyes and when you ask about reiki to any reiki person (myself included at one point) they will give you a vague response and will not be able to speak much truth about it.

  4. Allison says:

    Reiki is very harmful to a human being. I was initiated into reiki in 2009, I became what they call a reiki master. it took me a few years to feel the negative effects of this new age bullshit. But this last year of my life has confirmed to me that reiki is a terrible demonic force. I got a hernia, weeks later Lyme disease and then a few months later was in a traumatic car accident, I shattered my spine and was 1 mm from being paralyzed or dying. If reiki is so great and so fucking good then why in Gods name would it do this to my life. I have lost so much to reiki in the last 7 years and I beg to differ that these events were just the “reiki healing crisis.” This was a full on spiritual attack of God without question. I believe that I was having reiki treatments when I became a massage therapist and starting spreading this terrible energy all around my community because I had good intentions but was a kind of Typhoid Mary. My advice to this generation that thinks they are suppose to heal the world… Check yourself and really smarten up about energy. I wish someone would have just told me that 7 years ago but I was too stubborn and thick headed to even listen. The reiki just puts this disillusional bubble around you. God is peace and love.

  5. Maria says:

    Dear Scarlett, I am so worried, I was taken in by Reiki, even though I was brought up a Christian, at first it seemed amazing, but as time went on I became so caught up in it that I couldnt see it was taking me away from everyone who truly loved and cared for me. I eventually had a psychotic episode were I nearly died, I was hospitialised for 4 weeks, then began the slow recovery. It tool me about a year to go back to Church as I felt so bad and that I would never be forgiven. I now attend church weekly and 5 years on feel like I am finely getting back to my old self. On the night of my episode I placed a picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ in every room of my home and I KNOW that he SAVED ME that night. I have beed through alot and pray that I will be forgiven as I am truly and deeply sorry for being so naive. Our Lord Jesus Christ is my saviour and salvation, Thank you for your posts.

    God Bless You xxx

    • Scarlett says:

      Maria, I am so glad to hear you are better and recovered from what was apparently a demonic oppressive episode. Many have testified about similar things happening to them after becoming involved with Reiki.
      You are obviously very sincere about continuing on to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a greater measure, Praise His Name for that! But I would suggest that you reconsider placing pictures of the Lord Jesus around your home, even innocently. Many do so, and are going against the 2nd Commandment. It’s a common practice by Christians I know, but we must remember the commandments. These are just things we learn as we go along and learn in our Christian walk. Keep on loving and serving the Lord wherein there is no condemnation. So, don’t continue to be worried about the Reiki involvement. If you have asked for forgiveness, and you have already repented to the Lord, then all is well. Just accept it! . 🙂
      Grace and peace,

      • Maria says:

        Thank you Scarlett, I have been so ashamed that I have not really spoke to anyone at church about this, I now feel so much more focused on my faith than ever before, I keep reminding myself that I am re learning everything, and really listen to the gospel and really try to do the best I can everyday. Thank you again I will do my best to accept all is well now xxx

  6. Matt says:

    Thank you all for your insights. I almost replied to a Craigslist ad regarding a, “free reiki healing session”. I didn’t know anything about it but thought it may be part of the occult. I was also thinking I could go get healed from them real quick for this diabetes then repent real quick after. I don’t want to open the door to any unwanted spirits though.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for responding Matt. You were very wise in passing on that so called “free Reiki session”. It would not have been free in the long run.
      I have been healed from many things since I became a Christian. Repent and ask forgiveness for sins. Believe in and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask for your healing. I know He will bless and help you in many ways.
      God bless you,

  7. Carmel says:

    Scarlett, I came across your blog as I have recently made friends with someone who has been practising Reiki for about 3 years. Before I met him I had never heard of Reiki but from my research I can tell it is a practice to steer well clear of.

    This friend of mine was brought up in a Christian household however appears to be very entangled in the New Age movement. His marriage started to break up 3 years ago (coincidentally the time he starred doing Reiki) and he had to undergo open heart surgery a year ago for a supposed undetected congenital abnormality.

    This man is 40. He says he attends Reiki about twice a month. I’m really concerned as he told me he suffers from depression and has been hallucinating quite a bit lately. He told me that in one he saw a creature in his bed.

    He has started wearing a crystal necklace which he purchased from the place where he gets Reiki treatments because he says it gives him positive “energy”. He occasionally wears a pendant with what I now recognise to be a Reiki symbol around his neck.

    I’m really worried about him and myself as well. Before I knew what Reiki was he placed his hands on me and asked if I could feel the energy. Recently as I was about to get into bed I felt that the area where I sleep was very warm as if someone had been sleeping there but no one had been. I struggle to sleep at night now.

    I don’t know how to get the message across to my friend that what he’s involved in is dangerous. I believe that he is being oppressed by demons. He had two young children and I worry for them also. I did try telling him some of the things I’d uncovered about Reiki but he didn’t see my point.

    Do you have any advice? Obviously I should pray for this person. I’d appreciate your insight.

    Kind regards

    • Scarlett says:

      Hi Carmel, Apparently, as a Christian you’ve instinctively discerned this man is being deceived by his involvement with New Age and now Reiki. It’s small wonder things have started to go downhill for him. Of course, it is very needful to pray the Lord will set him free, and do a cleansing, delivering and filling, (with the Holy Spirit), work in this man’s life, granting him repentance.

      Also, please be aware that when you allowed him to lay hands on you, you inadvertently received an impartation of demonic influence into your own body, whether you “felt” anything or not. This is why you are having these disturbances and manifestations. I think you realize this. In order to clear yourself and be free of this oppression, of course you will need to go to the Lord in prayer, and repent of having done this, even accidentally. It is very serious. And then rebuke these entities and command them to leave you in Jesus Name and Authority. Be very firm. There is much at stake here.

      Carmel, I don’t know how or in what fashion you are involved with this man, but you should give very serious consideration to the fact that Christians are not to hang out with unbelievers on a close personal basis. There are scriptures you can look up to verify this. The reason for this is that one way or another this will have a detrimental effect on you, as well as in your spiritual life. Light and darkness simply don’t mix. This man has already rejected your good advice, and is not likely to change his opinion very easily, if at all. You have no way of knowing. When someone refuses to listen to you, then it’s best simply to pray for them, but other than that, to distance yourself from them. We must pray for and love all people, but that doesn’t mean that we must be involved with them on a personal level, especially in a romantic or friendship basis.

      Most of all, it is a grave mistake to set out to try and save this guy. That’s Jesus job. Ours is simply to give them the Word and warn them as well as pray. His kids need prayer as well, and ask the Lord to set a guard of protection around them.

      I’m glad you contacted me. I’ll be praying for you.


      “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Eph 5:11
      “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3

      • Carmel says:

        Scarlett, Thank you for your reply and wisdom.

        I actually had a discussion with a girl at work about this man I’m currently dating and she said the same thing, that I have to let him go and that it isn’t good for me to be associated with him.

        This man told me that he was once very religious, and a virgin until he got married when he was 26. To me it’s a tragedy that such a person has fallen into the grip of the New Age.

        When I had a brief discussion with him about Reiki I could sense his walls coming up. He told me that since he left the Church he has become a better person and is no longer judgmental. He tells me that he still has his faith minus the “hypocrisy”. He just can’t see the light.

        He recently told me about his hallucinations. Obviously they are bothering him.

        I asked how he became involved in Reiki and he said through a coupon for a healing session he saw on the Internet.

        I told him what happened to my mother but he still didn’t get it. My mother was a strict practising Carholic. When she was around 53 years of age she suddenly started hearing voices and became very paranoid. She has since been diagnosed a schizophrenic and it has all but destroyed her.

        When my mother was young she apparently saw a fortune teller and I recall her telling me that her uncle read tea leaves. To me my mother’s illness has a spiritual cause. I’m sure of it.

        When I told my friend about my concerns with the New Age, I mentioned Tarot cards in passing and he said he has done it and could read mine. I’ve never dabbled in Tarot cards and wouldn’t touch them.

        The funny thing is he had an uncanny sixth sense about me from the time we met. Like he said mentioned some things about me as if he has some psychic ability – obviously something he has acquired through his involvement in the New Age.

        When I was in Bali 2 years ago I purchased some jewellery. It looked nice and I innocently bought it. I now recognise one of the pendants is of the Reiki symbol and I will have to throw this out. I am wondering if having such an item in my possession has lead me to meeting someone involved in this practice.

        I will pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for this man’s deliverance and the protection of his two young boys who are 9 and 7 respectively. And obviously I will pray to Christ in repentance for my sin and for peace and salvation.

        This life is short but eternity is forever.

        I appreciate your prayers very much and am so grateful to have come across your blog.

        God bless

      • Scarlett says:

        Carmel, There are so many red flags about this man and his various involvements in the occult, it would be difficult to go into detail about all of them in this comment, but let’s touch on a few of them. First of all, even though he says he was very religious before he left the church, there is no way of knowing what he had been taught, or whether he was following a “works” based doctrine…or even if he was saved. My guess is that he wasn’t, no matter what his claim. We do know that for whatever reason he drifted away from any Truth and into deception. His claim about now being a better person, and not a hypocrite is also a sign of his deception Why? Because all a person has to do to not be a hypocrite is to go about making up their own rules and doing as they please, and not even pretend to follow the Lord’s teachings. In any case, we aren’t right in God’s eyes by trying to be a better person in our own eyes, but by faith in Jesus Christ. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, Ephesians 1:8 Satan is a master at deception, and has any number of ways to drag people into false beliefs and lifestyles, and away from God.
        This man’s “psychic” abilities concerning the things he seems to know about you, his Tarot reading,etc, are coming from demonic sources, not himself. It should be obvious to him, but apparently he can’t even connect the “hallucinations” he’s been having as coming from demonic sources caused by what he has opened himself up to from his activities and involvement with the occult venues of Reiki and New Age. For whatever “powers” Satan bestows, he is going to strip a person of everything eventually, even their sanity, and/or life eventually if given enough time. Or, even though involvement in seeking forbidden knowledge in non-Christian practices, as with your mother. There was a good reason why the Lord forbade these practices. However, people tend to gravitate to what they want to do for whatever reason and not obey God’s wisdom. As with this man, they will make up any number of reaaons and excuses for doing so.
        It’s hard to tell for sure what, if anything the jewelry you bought in Bali had to do with your meeting this man eventually, but I wouldn’t discount it. I, for one, have experienced there is no such thing as “accidents” or “coincidences”. Apparently, even this simple and seemingly innocent thing may very well have opened a door that led to your meeting him. Satan is well able to orchestrate “meetings” and “occurrences”. We must learn to discern what “coincidences” are from God or from our enemy, Satan.
        I’m very glad you are a Christian and have developed a working knowledge of the scriptures. This has apparently served you very well, and will continue to do so as you continue to follow and obey the Lord. It’s not always easy, but it’s clearly better than allowing ourselves to be snared by the enemy of our souls, which could eventually lead to spiritual death.
        That said, no matter how attractive, charming, and charismatic this man is otherwise, it would be very wise to break off with him immediately, before you develop any strong emotional attachment to him. And then rebuke any occultic entity that may have attached itself to you, no matter how innocently you came to be involved with this guy. I am being very serious here. These things are nothing to take lightly. I say these things out of concern and love for you in the Lord. Let me know how things work out. I’ll be praying and thinking of you often.
        “Do not be mismatched with unbelievers. For what partnership is there between righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?” 2nd Corinthians 6:14

        May Jesus bless and protect you,

  8. Kristi says:

    Kristi, I have read your comment, and have decided to completely edit it out. You have chosen your own delusion, and I can’t change that, but I will not allow you to use my blog to spread your deception about Reiki.

    I am responsible before God about what is posted on my blog, and it’s by Him I will be judged, not you.

  9. Mikki B. says:

    I know that Reiki is demonic as you have said. One night in a Daytona hotel room (in which my husband and I neglected to pray) I was asleep (like) when I saw a demon (although shadowy) come to my bedside, cross its arms and hold me down by my wrists. I struggled a bit to call Jesus but I did and was able to move and get up. I then prayed and rebuked that spirit. Then as I settled down the Holy Spirit said, “Reiki”. I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up. I knew immediately then that someone who practiced this had been in the room before us. It is so real.

    P.S. The enemy tried to get me into Yoga some years back and the Lord revealed this practice to me as well.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thanks for sharing that experience Mikki. I wish people would come to understand this is very real and very dangerous. I suppose many simply want to believe what they believe, but as the bible says, “The carnal man cannot receive the things of God because they are spiritually discerned”. 1st Corinthian 2:14. But the Holy Spirit was there, present with you in that hotel room to not only protect you from this evil attack, but to help you to discern spiritually, what was behind it. And yes, on the surface, it seems “so harmless” or even good……but if people knew the truth, they would run away from it like their hair was on fire.

  10. Scarlett says:

    Michael, I’ve viewed Andrew Stroms excellent video. From what I’ve seen by the multitude of Reiki videos on YouTube, and listed on the Internet, Reiki is very closely aligned with Kundalini in essence. Perhaps not in the physical manifestations it produces, but in the spiritual effect it has on the individual. Reiki and Kundalini are very intertwined with New Age.

    To the readers:

    I can speak with a bit of authority on the subject because before I was saved by Jesus Christ, and had my eyes opened to the truth, I became interested in the “healing art” of massage therapy. I can state for a fact that when I took the courses to obtain my license, the instructor and entire theory was steeped in New Age practice. Although there were many scientific facts we in the class had to study, it was still New Age through and through.

    To make matters worse, I was an experienced hynotist, and enlisted this practice when working with clients to induce relaxation. To be sure, I developed a large clientele. God only knows the horrible effect I may have imparted to these people, but it clearly wasn’t helping me. I became more depressed than I had been and developed severe anxiety attacks that led me to have a desire to commit suicide. It was without doubt, the worst time of my life!

    By the grace of Jesus Christ, I was miraculously delivered and healed by Jesust, I found not long afterwards that demonic entiities had been influencing even my thought life, and intruding on my thought processes. They can indeed make a person think it’s their own thoughts. Strange the way this works, but I found out a lot about demonic oppression through my own experiences. .

    Bottomline to all who have ears to listen, and I hope you will take this seriously, Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Holy Power to do good and not evil with each person who will have the wisdom to seek the Truth,. And that is for their own welfare and benefit.

    There are only two powers active in the world, one is Satan and the other is the Lord God working in concert with His powerful Son, Jesus. There are no other choices. Satan has a multitude of demonic spirits who do his bidding and oppress all who have been deceived and opened doors to them, (even in ignorance). This would include some christians. The Most High God has a multitude of ministering spirits, (Holy angels) who serve Him and His Holy Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Who then, would you want to believe and serve, Satan or Jesus? Don’t you think then that you owe it to yourself to seek out the truth? Please don’t take it for granted that you can’t be deceived.

    I think it was Mark Twain that said, “it’s easier to fool someone, than it is to convince him that he has been fooled, (deceived)” And that is a fact that is prevalent in the world today.

    TRUTH, Ultimate Spiritual Truth is a precious thing, and only to be found in Jesus Christ, The Way, the Truth and the Life.

  11. Michael says:

    Scarlett, another practice in the so-called “church” of today is the Kundalini Spirit, that came in with the Toronto, Brownsville, Lakeland, Florida, and Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church type meetings. Andrew Strom did an excellent documentary on this on YouTube:
    I also have written on this last days deception of false holy spirit and false spiritual manifestations and how “the very elect CAN be deceived” by the doors we open to these spirits. See:
    Watchman Nee also wrote on the dangers of deception among Christians through passivity (a common eastern religion practice of blanking out the mind) here:
    Thank you for taking a stand, dear sister.

  12. Drgold says:

    Thank you Scarlett!
    I agree with you re Reiki. While there may be debatable healing in the process, there is no salvation of the soul which will one day perish.

    1Ti 4:1 states ‘Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils’ and 2Th 2:9, ‘Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders’.

    In short, Satan can work miracles too, e.g. the many miracles and apparitions of Mary around the world at Lourdes, France, Fatima, Portugal, Guadalupe, Mexico, & Myantoc in the Philippines etc. where people worship statues of Mary and baby Jesus.

    • Scarlett says:

      Absolutely. I live in South Central NM, the so-called “Land of Enchantment”, and am appalled by the number of people “enchanted” by the demon of Guadalupe. If one studies the beginnings of this, it is Satanic to the core.

      Indeed, Satan has a deception for everyone, no matter what walk of life, religion or “healing modality they adhere to and embrace.

      Reiki is one of those issues that has been and continues to be hotly debated and viewed on my blog, according to the number of hits I get on a daily basis. This indicates to me that many are involved in it’s practice, and also as a form of income. I’ve recently traveled from the Colorado High Rockies and Reiki has found a foothold, or should I say stronghold in almost every city where I’ve been, including here where I now live.
      It must be strongly opposed by spiritual means.

      Thank you for your godly comment.


  13. joe says:

    hi to everyone, here is some food for thought, my brother is a “REIKI MASTER” he tells me he helps people using reiki, but his own marriage is falling apart and he is addicted to drugs and it seems that reiki is not able to help him, and do you know why? because reiki is a load of CRAP.

  14. Kim says:

    Thank you for being bold,,, the fallen angels do have power that is why Luke 10:19 says …”I give you authority over all the powers of the enemy ” fallen angels including lucifer have power to copy Jesus so a brief deception of healing may occur … I have three friends who are WORD women allow a guy who called it therapeutic healing to lay hands …. he got them all to agree …. once they did the spirits were allowed to attach to this woman and ALL had a little relief followed by …. 1 hospitalized and had surgery, another heart issues where the left side stopped working the other got blisters on her hands …. coincidence maybe or maybe not….. after anointing oil and deliverance the heart healed !!!! So all I can say you need to decide today who you serve.

  15. Kathleen says:

    Thank you do much for posting this. You are absolutely correct and speaking the simple plain truth that so many are attempting to pervert. I’m going to be sharing your posts with others.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you Kathleen. Reiki is very subtle, sounding as if it would be a wonderful thing. After all who does’t approve of people being healed? But it’s more dangerous than any snake oil could possibly be.
      God bless you,

  16. Mila says:

    I sincerely thank you for making this post. People need to realize that Reiki is inherently demonic because it quite literally summons all sorts of demons.

    • Scarlett says:

      Yes, it does open the door for demonic activity to come in. Satan is such a counterfeiter, trying to make something evil to appear as if it were good. Unbelievers don’t have the capacity to understand this, but those who call themselves Christians…should.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Jesus bless you,

  17. Tara Moreno says:

    You should publish her posts and let the reader decide what is truth for themselves.

    • Scarlett says:

      First of all, I don’t know who you are referring to. However, whoever “she” is you said, “she” has her own posts, (or blog). Are not people going there where she is apparently hyping Reiki?

      I have published the absolute truth about Reiki on this blog. People can make up their own minds about it…or not. So, why would I want to allow someone to come onto this blog and post lies?

      People who believe in Reiki as being “god sent” are being deceived. They need to repent of their sins and seek the truth which is only to be found in Jesus Christ- not Reiki.

      The Lord said in His Word, the Bible, “Learn not the ways of the heathen”. The “heathen” meaning those who are not serving God, and who practice things such as Reiki, Yoga, New Age, or other esoteric and occult practices. People who know and serve Jesus Christ, have no need for such things, and have found Jesus to be the answer for every single need in their lives, whether it be spiritual, physical.

      Look at the source of Reiki…it’s clearly not from God.

      It is Satan who comes to deceive, 8 “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2Thesselonians

      • Ron says:

        Sir you are ridiculous and I believe you are controlled by satan. Buddhism came before Christianity and many believe jesus himself practiced buddhism. You are spreading hate against something that people do when it is not your place to judge. #1 rule in the bible is love. You sir are not spreading love. Have a good day

      • Scarlett says:

        You can believe whatever you want to, even if it’s wrong. Controlled by Satan? You are forgiven for saying that, since it’s obvious by your speech that you don’t know the Truth about Jesus Christ, or Christianity. Why do I say that? Since Jesus was eternal, as God, from before the foundations of the world, but did not manifest in the flesh until the appointed time, 2,000 yrs.’ ago. That predates Buddhism.

        You said, “many believe jesus himself practiced Buddhism”. Well, many people believe a lot of things, but that doesn’t make it the truth. Without the bible, the world at large would never have even heard of Jesus.

        It is not hate to warn people that something they’re practicing is going to harm them. In this case Reiki. And yes, knowing the ugly truth about Reiki, I have every right to judge it as an evil and harmful deception. Unlike Satan, I do love people and don’t want to see them involved in something that is more spiritually damaging that you can possibly imagine. That is love.

        By the way, the number one rule in the Bible is to Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and strength. In order to do that, you would have to be born again, studying his Word, and obeying Him. Obeying Him would not, and does not including following an evil and spiritually dangerous practice, such as Reiki. Plainly put, Reiki is not from God.

        Since you neither follow or know much about anything about Jesus or the Bible, it’s making you look foolish to attempt to try and include it in your argument. If you want to know the truth about Jesus….ask Him, and then read the New Testament, for starters, since that tells about Him, as well as repenting of your sins.

  18. Scarlett says:

    Brenda, I know you are “sincere” about what you believe, but you are being sincerely deceived. You say you don’t understand why I won’t allow your comments on here, since you believe all these, light, fluffy, flowery light things about Reiki and the creator of the universe, etc etc.

    The problem is, you don’t know WHO OR WHAT the creator of the Universe is. You have yet to say even one word about the Lord Jesus Christ. So, I can only assume you aren’t a Christian. If you claim to be a Christian you are still a misguided one or you wouldn’t be practicing Reiki. So, of course I am not going to allow you to post all your comments trying to promote Reiki and possibly deceive gullible people. Look, the bible says to “Learn NOT the ways of the heathen”. Reiki originated from a heathen religion, Buddism. Reiki could be considered “one of the ways of the heathen”.

    Finally, and in any case, the LORD GOD Yahweh, has shown me clearly not to compromise and allow it on this blog.

    I pray He will open your eyes that you may repent and receive life.


  19. Scarlett says:

    To Brenda Meitzler who wants me to publish her comment on my site “to see what other people think”. No, I will not do that and allow you to use my blog for such a wicked purpose and to advertise Reiki and Satan’s agenda for you.

    I am a Christian and I am very negative about Reiki, and will continue to be negative against anything that clearly is not from Yahweh God. You speak of god, with a little g, but not one word about the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the healer and the deliverer. He is ALL Christians need. Satan comes disguised as an “angel of light” and Reiki is an example of just one of the ways he comes, deceptively- to snare the bodies and souls of men. In the end, he will turn on you like a rattlesnake.

    My God with a capital G, is the Most high God, the Creator of the Universe, the ALL SUFFICIENT ONE. I have been healed MANY TIMES by Him. Using Reiki and these other occult systems are not of God, and God is not going to bless them or the people who use them or use them on other people deceiving them.

    I understand that Satan can “take away a sickness” by commanding one of his demons to depart from that person for a season, and thereby produce a false sign and lying wonder so that the person thinks they are healed. But in the end, He will steal everything from that person and they will be worse off than they were before.

    No, I will not post or promote your deception on my blog and advertise for you. God wants you to repent from your sin and turn to Jesus Christ and be cleansed of sin and serving Satan. Repent and turn away from Reiki and live for Jesus and receive eternal life.

    • Brenda Meitzler says:

      Your are one of those people who twist everthing around . You sound so full of negativity maybe u have satan in you. You shouldnt have capitalized it . Reiki is from the creator of the universe u twit.

      • Scarlett says:

        Sorry Brenda, but Satan is not the “creator of the universe”. Yahweh God is, the MOST HIGH GOD, the Great I AM. The Lord of Hosts is His Name, from Everlasting to Everlasting. Yahweh, the Christians GOD, heavenly Father, and His Powerful Son Jesus Christ is who I serve. Halleluyah! And Yahweh, the Creator isn’t into Reiki, a man made system STARTED BY A BUDDIST.
        The Bible says, “Cursed is the man that leans on the arm of the flesh”, and that’s what Reiki is doing and WORSE.

        You think I’m being “negative” because I don’t embrace Reiki? Why should I speak positively about something evil? Reiki is evil.

        I won’t judge you if you don’t claim to be a Christian but I DO reserve the right not to be verbally abused on my own blog.

        God wants ALL to repent and come to the saving knowledge of the truth that is in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Brenda Meitzler says:

        It’s a shame you don’t post all my replies. I don’t understand that. When I do Reiki I talk to the Creator of the universe which is God. He is the Divine one . I wish you many blessings and remember love and cherish all living things just as God has intended us to do ,we spread the love of God through our actions and words

      • joe says:

        well brenda, i have no doubt you are the uninformed twit here, read my post regarding my brother further down.

      • Reiki Is fakie says:

        You don’t sound very bright… Then again what Reikian is?

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