Message to the Heartland!

I recently saw a blog with a report that not only was this a false prophecy but that I was a false teacher for posting it. The criticism seemed to stem first of all concerning Watchman Report who produced the video. Also, there was included within the body of the video, a reference made to the 144,000 and 44. Admittedly, this baffled me as well, since I know Steven Crowder to be a true prophet who would not prophesy anything that was not of God. As I pondered this, and questioned the Lord about it, I have since come to the conclusion that Watchman Report inserted this into Steven’s prophecy when making this video, for whatever reason. I have since requested the full text of the prophecy from Watchman Report, so that I may examine it for myself. As of this date, I have not heard back from them. To complicate the issue, I seem to be unable to find online the original copy of the text of this prophecy as given to Bro. Crowder. Also, Brother Crowder is somewhat of an enigma, and reclusive. This is not an indictment against him. Instead, he doesn’t seem to be one of those seeking to make a name for himself. For since when do God’s prophets have to be “brand names” or big shots? God forbid. As for Watchman Report, I do not endorse either them or their teaching. Nevertheless, as we know from the Word of God, the Lord can even use a donkey to speak if he so chooses. That said, if the small portion of this prophecy was changed by Watchman Report, that does NOT negate the entirety of the prophecy as being true, nor Brother Crowder from being a true prophet. As for me, I have attempted to shed light on what I feel may have happened, as I wish to bring truth and light to the people of God, not confusion. The Holy Spirit will show true believers the truth and also the error that may have been introduced by Watchman Report without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Finally, the words, ” From Steven Crowder’s own words” were added by whomever posted this on Live Leak, and I don’t seem to be able to delete them. Obviously, if Bro. Crowders prophecy had been somewhat altered by Watchman Report, and the prophecy compromised by them, then that portion is “not” in Brother Crowder’s own words! Let the reader discern!

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Message to the Heartland~

Prophesied by Steven Crowder

In his own words, Steven Crowder… said the LORD gave him this vision/prophetic word in 1994.

Warning Message To Babylon-America

A powerful prophecy received by Steven Crowder in the heartland of America in 1998, regarding the dark future of America if the people do not repent (including Christians), much of which is coming true in this hour.

From The Heartland Of America

Steven Crowder

In the autumn of 1994, the Lord spoke audibly to me, and He told me to go into the heartland of America, into a city that means the end, and He spoke to me a name and county. So I came to the heartland, into the city that means the end, and I dwelt there. And the Lord said to me, I will make you invisible among the people. What do you see?

A door opened, and…

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6 comments on “Message to the Heartland!

  1. Scarlett says:

    I continue to think about this prophecy, as well as Steven Crowder. I found that the city that he said “means the end”, where the Lord moved him to, was Enid, Ok, in Garfield County. It is in the midst of the heartland. I’ve lived there myself. There is nothing remarkable about it. Indeed, it is very typical of many small American towns. with the exception that it’s right in the middle of “tornado alley” in fact, while living there years ago, my small family and I were spared miraculously from a deadly tornado. .

  2. Watchman says:

    He received the prophecy in 1998,,,I told Steve that the number 66-44 seems to be in symbolic reference to Obama – the 44th president. There are things we just don’t fully understand.

  3. Scarlett says:

    Thank you for responding Watchman Patrick. I must apologize to you for suggesting that the prophecy had been altered by you in any way, and accept your explanation. Since there were no distinct reference pointing to the numbers 144,000, (as in the Book of Revelation), within the body of Steven’s prophecy, obviously we shall be unable to correctly assume that he intended it to be. I did endeavor to do a search on the numbers 144, and came up with very little, except this, which may or may not be relevant;,000.htm. I suppose it’s one of those things as well as the 66-44 numbers that shall remain a mystery in this lifetime. Blessings~ Scarlett

  4. Watchman says:

    Watchman Report has not altered this prophecy in any way. The number 144,144 baffled me also, as well as 66-44. I asked Steve about it – he said that is what he was given in the prophecy.

    Watchman Patrick

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