Wide Is The Gate: The New Spiritual Deception

We are being told that Christianity needs to “be reinvented”? That Christianity needs to be reformed.

We are seeing multitudes of new, strange movements springing up everywhere one turns.




Apostasy and ecumenism, which is in essence to put all religions into a blender so to speak and incorporate them into Christianity. We are seeing the so-called emergent church, the rebirth of ancient mysticism, contemplative prayer, which is nothing more than Eastern mysticism, i.e., meditation, New Age practices such as Yoga, which is East Indian Kundalini movement, the seeker friendly churches, “Reformed theology”, which is nothing more than Calvinism warmed over and made to appear more “relevant”. We have “mama Mary” the Catholic church calling for the ecumenical coming together of all religions, and taking her daughter, so-called, the Protestants to come back under her wing. Nothing new there, the RCC has always been more than willing to incorporate any belief system into and under the Catholic umbrella as long as it embraced the Pope and total authority of the church.


We have seen in the last two decades, any and every type of deception out there in the world attempting to claw it’s way into biblical Christianity and attach itself like a transplanted organ would and become part of the original. But friends, that’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the scriptures, which are very explicit about what and what not is scriptural truth. The world doesn’t like this and calls it “absolutism” and it rankles them because they want to believe what they want to believe even if that means attempting to put a square block into a round hole. But that won’t be scriptural and God is not going to accept it. Jesus said WIDE IS THE GATE that leads to destruction, and as of this date in 2012, we have multitudes on that road. I heard Oprah say, but there MUST BE more roads to heaven! Who says so Oprah? Oprah doesn’t know this but she is merely a pebble in the vast scope of the eternal. And she doesn’t get to call the shots, and neither do you or I. It’s not our opinion that carries weight and that will decide the final outcome of things it’s Gods.


Think about this, if there is VERY GOD, the I AM, then by his very nature he is supernatural in being. Is it beyond one’s finite mind to consider that scripture indicates correctly there is also an adversary of evil named Satan? And that his one tool, is deception. Then our weapon must be the truth. The truth of the gospel and our faith as our power. Jesus said over and over again, “Be not deceived” or, “Let no man deceive you”, but allow me to suggest our worst enemy may be ourselves in that we have a mind with which to take in information, and a spirit to receive what we accept. Therefore,lets examine carefully what we do or do not accept as truth and why. Let’s go through the scriptures prayerfully as we study the Word of God, asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to all truth.

Yes, I know you’ve probably heard these admonitions before, but please do not take them lightly because truly, the days are evil and gross darkness has swept across the land.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you this day,


6 comments on “Wide Is The Gate: The New Spiritual Deception

  1. Sam says:

    I know Caryl and can not believe that you endorse such ministry!!!! Ask her about her marriage? Her husband ? Her children ? Her ministry is nothing but a MONEY game.

    • Scarlett says:

      Sir, at no time did I ever say that I “endorsed” Caryl. I don’t even know Caryl. I had to look at the video to even know what you were talking about. Then I saw that I had posted a video that she had uploaded, (the first one above on this blog post)
      I don’t believe that to post a video I thought was valid, is to be taken that I have in any way endorsed the one who uploaded the video. However, I’m sorry if you were offended. I simply don’t know each and every one of the the back stories and characters of all the people’s channels who I borrow from. I do my best, just to keep my video postings on my blog accurate.

      Thanks for warning me though. I’ll check into it if I ever run across her again. According to you, she must need a lot of prayer.


  2. Scarlett says:

    God’s Word in the Bible is timeless. It never changes, nor does it need to. This is one way we can trust it, and God, through his Holy scriptures.

    Likewise, Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Yes, we can trust him and his word to preserve us, even to the end of the age….and for all eternity, as we stay faithful and obedient to all his commandments.

  3. r says:

    I so agree, Scarlett with your comments. Since reading about the Kundalini Spirit, I believe the Lord has opened my eyes to some practices in the pentecostal churches which appear to be very much like Hindu practices. We as Christians need to remember that it is the relationship with the Father and Jesus that we need to have.

    The Bible does not talk about a relationship with the Holy Spirit and that we are to chase or desire to see more manifestations so that we will believe. That to me sounds like a “doubting Thomas”. My understanding of the Holy Spirit is that he is our comforter. Jesus is our healer, our teacher and our mediator.

    The Bible says that whoever believes in Me (Jesus) will have eternal life.

    I believe the Pentecostal movement has allowed this Spirit into the churches Because “it feels good” “looks good and easy going” and this makes it popular.

    Seems funny me speaking against this as I am a member of a Charismatic Pentecostal Church and have been for the past 10 years. I came from a Catholic background and thought this was an amazing new experience.

    As I have said it wasn’t until I read about the Kundalini Warning that I have begun to “question” and search for myself.

    The only thing that I am interested in is “getting there” and leading others in the truth, I would truly hate to bring someone to know Jesus and have them come into a church that doesn’t worship Him i Spirit and in Truth.

    I am certainly not saying that all Pastors or churches “know” about this, however I believe STRONGLY that we all need to Check Scripture, we have been warned by Jesus Himself to “test the spirits”

    My the Lord Bless you

    • Scarlett says:

      This is so true Rhonda. We really have to take care to have our armor on at all times, even in churches, unfortunately.

      I have found, over the years, praying in the spirit, and asking for wisdom and discernment has helped me more than just about anything else in my walk, besides, of course, love for and relationship with Jesus and His Word. The Lord gave me a discernment and “knowing”… at times…when there was a need…. of things that were going on, that I had no way of knowing other than by the Spirit of the Lord. Things to pray for, be aware of, or even to “beware” of. It was totally of the Spirit, and amazingly, a lot of this discernment had to do with things that were going on in the church that was counter to the Word of God. I love that Jesus can “deepen” our walk like that when we press in.

      Yes, test the spirits, check it by the Word. It is true that not all pastors know about this Kundalini and other things creeping into the church. As pastor and shepherd, they should have this discernment operating, in order to keep the Lord’s flock safe from strange fire and unholy influences. However, this is yet another reason why we are not to depend on the pastor or preacher for “truth”, but only to Jesus and His Word.

      Jesus bless you

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