Counseling Christian Women on How to Deal With Domestic Violence

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This book takes a very real look into the lives of Christian women who cope with domestic abuse on a daily basis. It explores their experiences of physical,verbal,emotional,sexual, financial, and spiritual abuse at the hands of their perpetrator husbands who claim themselves to be good Christians. Through extensive interviews combined with academic research, the reader comes faces to face with the complexity of issues surrounding such domestic abuse and how counseling can be effective through the encouragement of a variety of religious and non-religious coping strategies.

Of interest to victims of domestic abuse, as well as to the members of the clergy, psychologists, and counsellors, Counseling Christian Women on How to Deal With Domestic Violence shows there is a place in the Christian church for women to separate and to be divorced without losing their faith.  



2 comments on “Counseling Christian Women on How to Deal With Domestic Violence

  1. Scarlett says:

    Trudy, of course it’s not fair,. There is no acceptable reason for a man to abuse his wife. And if countless church “leaders told you that, they are wrong. Not only wrong, but they need to stop giving bad advice to these abusive husbands and abused wives,and hold these men accountable. If you have studied your bible, you know that Jesus would never condone abusing anyone, let alone a wife or child. You would no doubt be better off living alone if this is what your marriage consists of.

    Please read this article. I think it will help you understand the truth about abusive men in churches and also abusive pastors who give lopsided, bias, wrongheaded so-called advice.

    If you want to, you may write me personally at

  2. Trudy says:

    I have been told by countless church leaders that I am the problem when it comes to looking at the abuse that happened in my marriage. As a result I have decided to live alone since this is the view of e as a woman. This is not fair!!!

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