7th Day Adventist-The Spirit Behind the Church

I believe 7th Day Adventist church can accurately be described as a cult. Although there are many Adventist churches all across America, and other countries, the members do not seem to realize the flaws in its teachings and continue to be deceived. Friends, if this isn’t spiritual abuse, I don’t know what  is.

This is a series of videos exposing the 7th Day Adventist church, (cult).

“From http://www.exAdventist.com This hard-hitting, eye-opening documentary explores the teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its origins and the changes which have occurred throughout the years. It examines the claims of the religion’s founder, the late prophetess Ellen G. White, and compares her unique beliefs with Biblical truth.

You will meet a number of former high-ranking church leaders, many of them fourth generation members, and discover what happened when they embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about their organization. You will be shocked by what they found.”

Disclaimer: Although I’ve posted the link to exAdventist website for your information, I do not recommend or advocate that you join one of their churches. If you were considering  joining an Adventist Church, or may be presently involved in one, please study your bible, the TRUE Word of God, as well as praying and seeking the Lord for His leadership and guidance.

May Jesus bless you as you seek His face,


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