When You Fast, not IF You Fast

2001 08 12.1

For thus says the Lord. I am that I am. The Lord is in control of all things. Therefore get into the word of God and realize that he who does not spend time in prayer and fasting shall not be prepared for the onslaught of the devil.

Those who spend time in preparation of prayer and fasting shall walk forward in power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

2001 08 26.1

Hear this word, says the Lord.

Note the times at hand. You are not entering into the great judgments of the end days. But rather you are standing at the door of those judgments. A few of “other judgments” have come in terms of weather, in terms of a few things I have done, saith the Lord.

But I am going to open up a great time of judgment on this earth for its sins. That time is here now. The first major thing you will see is the crash of the economy (the worldwide crash that will reverberate through every nation in the earth). That is the first thing I will do that is of a major type of judgment.

But there are coming many more things. Stand fast in the Word of God. Stand fast in the ways of God, for He shall guide, lead, and bless His people through this. But those of the earth, who seek the things of the earth, they will fall hard because My hand will be against them. If they will repent, I will turn and bless them.

But those of My people, who have called themselves My people, who have tried to love money, who have tried to hang on to the things of this earth, who have tried to bless themselves with the things of this earth: they will fall, and they will fall harder than others, for they have loved the things of the earth when they knew to love the things of God. So says the Lord.

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