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Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Preaching and teaching is a calling, NOT A BUSINESS. Beware of those who try to make it a business, and therefore, effectively pilfer your bank account and possibly your soul, making merchandise of you.



Beware of these guys! So-called “Discernment Ministries” who’ve sprouted up all over the place since the advent of the Internet. The first thing to ask yourself when drawn into one of these blogs or sites, is how do you know this person has discernment? That’s pretty bottom-line, right?I mean, just because they say they have discernment doesn’t make it truth does it? Who exactly has made them the dispensers of God’s Word and Truth? The way it looks, if you think about it, THEY DID. Isn’t that what they’re saying when they advertise their blog, or website?

Look, I’m not saying that all online ministry sites are evil, or that they are perverting…

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  1. Scarlett says:


    Mystery Meat Internet “discernment ministries” are not serving God, they are building their own names and ministries. Otherwise, they would take that PayPal and donation page down.

    In the set up of Jesus church in the New Testament, pastors were not paid a salary, only missionaries, (evangelists) were, who couldn’t hold down a job due to their travels. The only distance I can see a Mystery Meat “minister” traveling is from their laptop in the spare room or office to the dining room table where they eat off the donations belonging to evangelists, or the widows, orphans, and poor, where the offerings should be going.

    Prophecy from Thomas Gibson-“Prophetic Word”

    2002 04 13.1

    There are three kinds of ministers that are serving Me:

    1. Those that delve deeply into the things of God.

    2. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and follow Him.

    3. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and build their own

    name and ministry.

    “Only the second type is doing the will of God properly. Those that delve deeply in prayer and fasting and follow with the work will be blessed by the Lord God in this time of trial to come. Those that fit into 1 or 3 do not receive the blessings like unto the second kind.”

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