Faith Healing Cults

Followers of Christ Cult and the Church of the First Born Cult are faith healing splinter sects that have left a cruel and bloody trail of suffering, and now dead victims in their wake.  Many of these victims are helpless babies and small children who have no voice or decision about receiving life saving medical care or relief from pain and suffering.

Many, if not most of these victims could have been saved. In this case, the victim was a teen age boy who happened to be the victim of his parents aberrant spiritual beliefs, that going to a doctor is showing a lack of faith in God.The poor boy must have been influenced by his parents and his church’s beliefs. These cult members then lay the blame on God, that “it must have been God’s will not to heal”. This of course is a form of fatalism, but you’ll never get these brainwashed, doctrinally “indoctrinated” cult members to understand this. They get away with murder literally, hiding behind the religious freedom clause of the Constitution.

This Topix  forum link shows an ongoing debate with some of the Church of the First Born people. You would have a hard time comprehending some of the arguments they give trying to justify allowing babies and small children to suffer and die with horrible and painful conditions. Another one of this churches legalistic and cruel “doctrines” is that of shunning, or “disfellowshipping),  and casting out members who disagree with their doctrines or over some “sin”. This may also include being cast out of one’s own family and be considered “dead” to family members for the rest of the “offenders” life. You would not think this sort of thing goes on in churches called by the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, but this cult abuses that to the limits. In many of these so called churches it appears to have been taken over by Satan, not Jesus. I’m not kidding. I’ve studied them for years, and the stories that come out of this cult are heartbreaking.


These cult churches are scattered all across the United States from Indiana to Washington state. Thankfully, convictions are finally being handed out to these cult members, but too late to save the victims laying in small graves, their cries of pain now silenced by death. 

2 comments on “Faith Healing Cults

  1. God's wil, will show you. says:

    What if all the churches in the world would have been Church Of The First Born
    And WE all criticized you about your faith. The Children of the church are free to walk into heaven if at least one believing parent is in the faith. Children may be lost but, they were never the parents to begin with the are God’s children not theirs. And it doesn’t matter where the children are if God wishes to call them home no medical equipment can save them. Just think about it, and members of the sanctified, pray that God’s people are seen equal for these people have not seen God’s true mercy and if you doubt me I gather at the Church in Vici Oklahoma. And we need to pray brethren, just pray for mercy. And if it is his will we will be known equal and if it is his will you can find me sitting on the right hand side of the church im 13 and wear glasses. May God be with you till the end.

    • Scarlett says:

      Son, I am very well aware of the doctrines and practices of the Church of the First Born, having conversed both publicly and privately with members and those who have been severely abused and/or marked or banned from the church. This has been going on a long, long time.
      You are very young and vulnerable, and have hardly even begun to form opinions. That said, I would encourage you to study your bible seriously and often, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as to what the truth really is. Let the LORD JESUS guide you always in everything and if you do these things, you will not stumble over “church doctrines”. I must tell you however, that the Vici church near Enid, OK historically has one of the worst records of spiritual abuse, even though there have been many other of the COFB churches with serious abuse issues of various kinds as well.
      I am very happy to hear in your comment that you do indeed have a heart for Jesus. I will pray for you.
      God bless, Scarlett

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