Tom White of VOM-Molestation Not Just Allegations but Fact Admits Police

This is a recent statement confirming that Tom White did indeed sexually molest the little 10 yr old girl, and so we can now, at last, dispense with the word “allegations”. This information has been posted here on this blog, and elsewhere on the Internet, but there are some folks who apparently haven’t been made aware of it, and are still referring to this matter as “allegations” against Tom White, and for whatever reason, seem to be in denial.

To  Christians, I would say this…this is not the time to be in denial………..about anything. We are living in a very dark hour. We don’t have time to play games, speculate, or hold people’s persons in admiration, elevated to almost godlike status. Or, be in deception about anything. The truth is available to all, it’s found in holy scripture, and prayer.

Bartlesville Police Capt. Jay Hastings said the department is closing its abuse investigation because the suspect is dead.

“The case is basically not going anywhere,” said Hastings, who also noted that the department’s next step is to ensure the girl receives proper treatment or counseling.

“The child still has to deal with what’s happened,” he said. “Our main goal at this point is to make sure the family and victim get the proper services, basically.”

Bartlesville police are awaiting autopsy results from the state Medical Examiner’s Office, whose spokeswoman said Monday that the report was still pending.

Hastings would not say Monday if the victim was somehow involved in the ministry or how White may have come in contact with her.

(Note: To Capt. Hastings credit, and/or the Bartlesville, OK PD in general, it’s entirely understandable and professional, under the circumstances at this time, for the protection of the victim, that information should be withheld concerning how Tom White may have come in contact with her).




14 comments on “Tom White of VOM-Molestation Not Just Allegations but Fact Admits Police

  1. Cheryl says:

    May the Lord bring a good conclusion for people in this, regarding White and VOM, and if there has been at least one poor child who has suffered terrible abuse, may they truly get to know the great love and healing in Christ Jesus.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Pretty amazing you found that in your research Cheryl. It makes me wonder how I missed it.

    In any case, in response to your theory. There could have been an outside possibility that White was assassinated… if he had become an embarrassment or…ceased to be a useful figurehead. But, if so, it would not have been by the hand of the government who usually leaves Christianity alone unless it serves some purpose to the government. Now, on the other hand…if you start sniffing the wind blowing from the direction of the Vatican, you could be on to something. There were distinct RCC connections in my opinion. But…do you really want to discuss this in public? I can be reached, (at least when I’m not having Internet connection problems, as I am today) at

    As for getting an investigation from local law enforcement? Lots of luck with that, at least where he lived, in Oklahoma. As I recall, the police chief, Tom Holland was on the board of directors of VOM. They have done everything they could to avoid more publicity concerning this scandal. An investigation would unleash a virtual firestorm of media coverage.

    Grand jury investigation? On what basis? See, that’s the issue with these things. I think it’s best to keep doing what your doing right now, which is sounding the alarm. This does more good than anything else I can think of.

    Smiles and blessings….


  3. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Scarlett, for your kind comments. On Wurmbrand, I’ve found this too–I’m not sure about accuracy and haven’t read it all:

    Oh, Disclaimer in that re. Rushdoony.

    Thank you for your concern, Scarlett.

    You know I’m not sure of this–phew. Just throwing it up: Do you think there could be a possibility that White’s death was set up as a suicide and that he was killed by the American government/the “Global Power Elite”? Then, if it was a compromised organisation and if they weren’t standing out regarding things the government, etc. wouldn’t want them vocal about, why would they target him?

    Just an idea, but I wonder if it would be worth going to a sheriff in USA to try to get help for getting an investigation into White and VOM?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Yes, I agree. I’m just thinking of this being suggested to some organisations, and here I think of this one:

    • Scarlett says:

      Here’s the thing about Voice of the Martyrs…on the surface, they seem to run an impeccable organization. Whether one could call it fraud or not is another question. Without doubt, they have grown powerful and take in an astronomical amount of money from the looks of their new headquarters in Bartlesville, OK, a multimillion dollar set up.

      Certainly, from what I’ve seen, and reported here on my blog, and from the information you sent about Richard Wurmbrand, it does indicate some false doctrine has been slipped in under the radar. And therefore, as such, is not a civil or criminal matter, but just something that needs to be sorted out in the minds and spirits of believers as to what they are willing to swallow, and/or, financially support or not.

      As for me, I believe there is a lot more that hasn’t come out about the origins of VOM, and the extent of Roman Catholic involvement and intrigue. Proving it is quite another matter, and then, also, if one could prove it, it might be considered “doctrinally fraudulent”, but legally.. untouchable.

      Cheryl, I believe the javelin thrust that provides the death blow to deception and spiritual abuse and fraud will come as always from the truth, and the power of God and the Holy Spirit in prayer….as well as sounding the alarm. Just like what we’re doing here. I have already posted concerning the information you sent me on Richard Wurmbrand, and shortly afterward the “hits’ on the blog went ballistic.

      Everyday, I get search terms here looking for information about VOM and the suicide and scandal about Tom White. People are looking for answers. Somehow, through your research, you were able to provide a part of the puzzle. I believe the LORD used you in this matter, and also to bring it here, because this blog was one of the very few that had any real information, let alone factual criticism about Richard Wurmbrand, Voice of the Martyrs, or Tom White and his suicide and the child molestation charges against him. VOM simply went undercover, and the clueless church at large went back to sleep, and I got bombarded with accusations of slander, etc. because I posted information about their icon, Tom White, who in their eyes could do no wrong. However, there were also some folks that sent in more confirmation that something was amiss with Tom White and/or VOM, and thanked me for posting what I did on the blog.

      And I’m thanking you for all you are doing in this effort……….



  5. Cheryl says:

    This VOM organisation is what, a multi-million dollar operation, and it relies on helping the persecuted (and how many are truly born again?) And there’s not an investigation being done into this Tom White?

    I note that VOM USA are still uploading videos here:

    Please tell people not to support the rubbish heap of the modern American church. Get angry about all these things and come out of all this stinking rubbish! There should be godly churches helping poor and suffering fellow saints. People of the Lord, get real and do what we are supposed to do! Don’t give money to these stinking organisations!

    May I make two suggestions?

    – Get onto Voice of the Martyrs Canada — — and DEMAND action

    – Get onto who’s responsible for looking into this with the law and DEMAND they do a thorough investigation of White and Voice of the Martyrs

    Is there anyone who can take this up and do these things?

    • Scarlett says:

      Cheryl, I’m glad to see someone else sees it this way as well. So, far, VOM and Bartlesville, OK., where the US Voice of the Martyrs is located, has done a great job of sweeping this dirt under the carpet. I think it needs to go viral, such as a major media investigation similar to those that have blown the lid off other money pits such as Robert Tilton, and PTL, Jim and Tammy Baker. I say that because so far, all the mainstream church has done is circle the wagons. It’s sickening.

  6. Joe says:

    What bothers me is that there has been dead silence ever since. I’ve supported VOM and I’m not even sure what else or even if they should say anything more. I totally agree that these type of things shouldn’t be hushed up, but it seems that’s exactly what we always do.

    • Scarlett says:

      It does seem that way, as you said Joe. What’s interesting to me is that even in the Bible, the LORD chose to expose the sins and misdeeds, even heinous ones, of His own children, as examples and warnings to future generations. I think there would be some godly wisdom in this for the church and all Christian type ministries to follow.

  7. carmen says:

    i’m wondering if he abused other children. did he serve overseas?

  8. Scarlett says:

    There have been inquiries to this blog, just recently, searching for the name of the girl who was molested by Tom White. I am incredulous that anyone would even think that this little 10 yr old girl’s name would have been released, and subjected to national scrutiny. It is my understanding that laws are in effect to protect minor’s identities in such cases. The police, of course, are aware of her name, but it’s not for public information.

  9. Sharon says:

    This is all so sad…

  10. Scarlett says:

    With Tom White’s suicide, he deprived the police of making a full investigation of the sexual abuse of the little girl. He deprived his wife, children and grandchildren of the legacy of a husband, father and grandfather to be proud of. He deprived the little 10 yr old girl he sexually abused, of her childhood innocence, and the right to have her body and mind unmolested.

    Christians need to stop acting like this never happened, and start discussing in your churches what steps need to be taken to recognize danger signs in people, (including, and especially leadership, and what steps to take if it does. I know for a fact, that spiritual abuse and sexual abuse, (it goes hand in hand), is rampant in churches, and yet, the church at large has tried desperately to suppress and keep it secret. This is repulsive to me, and I’m pretty sure it is to God as well. What is staggering, is that, for the most part, the church can stomach it.

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