Tom White of VOM Molestation Case Closed by Local Police

VOM thinks you’re Stupid…….

The Bartlesville, OK police department has closed the case on the “alleged” sexual molestation investigation concerning Tom White of Voice of the Martyrs.  It’s not surprising the way this is being played out, since Tom White  killed himself, (well, we were told he  killed himself),  before any charges could be brought against him. Obviously, you can’t charge a dead man with the crime of pedophilia.

There hasn’t even been a definitive cause of death concerning White, since the medical examiner’s report hasn’t been released yet, and apparently it won’t be for another three to six months.

So, VOM, and the locals have figured out a way to tidy this mess up and make it all go away, and appear that there “really never was any suspicion that an iconic religious leader such as Tom White could commit such a heinous crime. Convenient for the “ministry” perhaps, and convenient for the city of Bartlesville, and sparing of Tom’s widow and family, but…..where is the real truth in all this? I think it got buried with Tom White. 

And now…it looks like VOM will go back to doing whatever it was doing before Tom “allegedly” killed himself. I know I’m being sarcastic, but I can scarcely contain my disgust at this moment.

More later, you can count on it~

May Jesus bless all the faithful believers true to His Holy Name~



6 comments on “Tom White of VOM Molestation Case Closed by Local Police

  1. Sir, you are quite misled in your information. Those of us who support VOM each received a letter which stated the allegations against Tom White. They never tried to “Make it all go away.” To the contrary, they have openly shared all that they know and have been very broken by all of this.

    You sir, have picked up the first stone.

    • Scarlett says:

      Gee, that’s funny, because I’ve supported VOM for years and even recently, (received the most recent newsletter with White’s last editorial), but VOM hasn’t sent me a explanatory letter such as you’ve described.

      In any case, it’s not me that has been misled or misinformed about VOM, on the contrary, I’ve taken the blinders off and taken a good hard look, and what I see is appalling. VOM has NOT been open and transparent. The most open and transparent information to date has been from the Bartlesville, OK police dept, NOT VOM.

      And by the way, here is a gentle reminder about the new commenting policy I have been forced to undertake:

      • e says:

        i too received the letter. They were very straight forward and asserted that that the death appeared to have been a suicide that was done so as to not have to face the allegations. They did not defend Mr. White, deny allegations, or gloss over the issue. Our letter arrived on May 10.
        Furthermore, it was allegations, not charges. Allegations have been know to be false or partially false. I am not saying that Mr. White was innocent, or that he is guilty (the sudden death/apparent suicide does not look good on his part)… simply, it is unlikely that we will ever know the full truth. God knows the truth – He will judge justly; vengeance in the LORD’s.
        Perhaps you just received your letter yesterday or today, or perhaps tomorrow or never. Tom White is not VOM and VOM is not Tom White… we was one piece, and he was human.

      • Scarlett says:

        I felt to post this because many people haven’t seen the recent statement from the Bartlesville Police:

        However, in the letter that VOM sent out, Mr, Dau stated that no one in leadership at VOM was aware of the allegations at the time of Tom’s death. How is that possible since Tom Holland is Bartlesville’s police chief, and also on the VOM’s board of directors, as well as good friends with Tom?

  2. SMP says:

    Why don’t you stop throwing stones. You don’t know the facts, only what has been alledged. VOM is a wonderful ministry that has saved the lives of thousands of believers tortured and persecuted for their faith.

    • Scarlett says:
      Bartlesville Police Capt. Jay Hastings said the department is closing its abuse investigation because the suspect is dead.

      “The case is basically not going anywhere,” said Hastings, who also noted that the department’s next step is to ensure the girl receives proper treatment or counseling.

      “The child still has to deal with what’s happened,” he said. “Our main goal at this point is to make sure the family and victim get the proper services, basically.”

      Bartlesville police are awaiting autopsy results from the state Medical Examiner’s Office, whose spokeswoman said Monday that the report was still pending.

      Hastings would not say Monday if the victim was somehow involved in the ministry or how White may have come in contact with her.

      (Note: To Capt. Hastings credit, and/or the Bartlesville, OK PD in general, it’s entirely understandable and professional, under the circumstances at this time, for the protection of the victim, that information should be withheld concerning how Tom White may have come in contact with her).

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