Tom White: Voice of the Martyrs New Headquarters-Your Donation $$$ at Work

The Question arises, who actually benefited the most from the construction of this massive, and lavish “headquarters”; the suffering persecuted church, widows and orphans, or Bartlesville, Oklahoma? Bartlesville, is a city of about 35,000 population and the headquarters of the Conoco Phillips Petroleum giant, which previously has been the major employer in the area. Now, with the building of the new VOM Headquarters, VOM has become the 2nd largest employer in Bartlesville, so obviously, Bartlesville is the entity benefited most by the VOM presence in the area. Not just the VOM building and Bartlesville employees, but the traffic coming into the area by volunteers and visitors. Many Bartlesvillans, also sit on the board of directors, even prior to Tom White’s suicide. 



Above is an image of the large new VOM headquarters, and pictured below is the view of the back side of the new Voice of the Martyrs facility, and man-made lake.

New Voice of the Martyr building, Bartlesville, OK in the US

New Voice of the Martyr building, Bartlesville, OK in the US

This link,  of McAnaw Construction contains the approx cost of construction of the various new VOM facilities, main building,  bath house, RV parking for volunteers. I’m not sure about the total finished cost of it all, but do know it is into the multimillion dollar category. Of course, this is helping to put Bartlesville, OK, (already the home of Conoco Phillips Petroleum), on the map, but also bringing in income to the city, so of course, the city is in favor of “financial progress”.

In contrast, when VOM first moved to Bartlesville, OK and set up US headquarters here, (about 1992), while Richard Wurmbrand was still alive, Voice of the Martyrs was blessed by God when they were able to purchase the 5 story brick building on the corner of Frank Phillips Blvd, in downtown Bartlesville for a mere $27,000! A perfectly sound and solid building for a mere pittance considering it’s actual worth and market value. Amazing!

One has to wonder what Richard Wurmbrand would think of this new expensive layout….Richard who spent a total of 14 yrs in a cramped gray prison cell, dining on swill not fit for human consumption, rather than at Sterling’s Grill in Bartlesville, or some high end sushi place while traveling.

 I believe he and his wife Sabina had a nice, but fairly modest seniors apt in Bartlesville. They were so deserving of that and a whole lot more besides. 

I went to a couple of meetings where Richard was preaching. By this time in his life, he was frail, and had to sit while speaking. I noticed his wife being very attentive to his physical needs during these meetings. Although nothing was said about it, I believe he was in quite a bit of discomfort. He easily could have skipped out on invitations to preach at various churches and functions, but his passion and drive was fueled by his love for the persecuted brothers and sisters going through the flames of affliction. He apparently continued in this manner until the end of his life.

Some years ago, I read an account of Richard having a heart attack after hearing of a Chinese Christian who’s heart was cut out by his persecutors. That wouldn’t surprise me from what I knew about the man.

Then there was precious, devoted Sabina, wearing modest clothes and a head covering, while Richard, as frail as he was, would patiently and lovingly allow the mothers of small children to take pictures of their kids sitting on his lap. Richard was so humble and meek. Suffering for the sake of Jesus and the gospel in the crucible of torture and persecution will tend to bring about humility and meekness in those who survive it, as Richard had. He had a quiet dignity and elegance about him that I will never forget. 

But…that was then, and this is now, and since Richard Wurmbrand passed away, many changes have occurred under the leadership of Tom White. Those changes include the undertaking of this elaborate building project, but also, more disturbing and important,  is the ecumenical direction which Tom White has been taking Voice of the Martyrs.

Indeed,  one has to wonder what he would think of the changes made since he departed this life. Some of the locals —-Bartians,—- (which is what the residents of Bartlesville),  are called, are saying that too much money has been going into the administration end of VOM, including the costs of the new facilities, which should be going to help the persecuted brethren, many of whom live in abject poverty. Indeed, that may be a legitimate concern, but what should be even a larger concern is VOM’s ecumenical leanings and support of  Catholic churches in various countries where VOM operates. Churches and countries that VOM has designated as Christian when they are not. 



So, what we apparently have here, are the large, lavish new facilities of an ecumenical organization operating on the good will donations of Christians.


Note from Scarlett: I’ve contacted Heavens Family and asked for a picture of their headquarters. This is the response I received, ” We don’t actually have a headquarters building in the United States! Our ministry saves the money it would spend on rent, utilities, etc. by having it’s staff and volunteers work remotely. It’s been a more efficient and cost-efficient way to operate!”
Remember, Heavens Family has developed into an efficient world wide ministry even without a large expensive headquarters.


11 comments on “Tom White: Voice of the Martyrs New Headquarters-Your Donation $$$ at Work

  1. Andre says:

    Finally, a Protestant that does not accept ecumenism. That is the nail to overthrow Protestantism. The Catholic church the ‘supposed mother church’ is getting her lost children back that split from her apostasy, very sadly to see this.

    A prophecy – This is God addressing her:
    “Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children”

    We should pray humbly and with forgiveness as Richard.

  2. carol fleischmann says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you! we need to pray!
    asking Almighty Go for wisdom.

  3. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Yes, Scarlett, great post!

  4. Phyllis Deese says:

    I gave to Vom for a few years. I can’t tell you how it hurt me to think that the little amount that I sent each month for those being persecuted for the sake of Jesus,starving, needing medicine, clothes..their families needing the same..and this is what your doing with donations. One thing I’ll say, then take me off your mailing list, and email contact
    You will surely answer to the haven’t robbed me nor the martyrs. .you have robbed Jesus..Shame on you all.

  5. Scarlett says:

    Since this post was made, there are many more questions that have arisen since then that continue to both baffle and disturb me. One of which just how much influence the ecumenical arm of the Catholic Church is involved in the actual functioning of the Voice of the Martyrs. I may not be able to prove it, but my gut feeling, and spiritual instincts within me tell me that it’s greater than most are aware of.

    It has also become quite evident that Richard Wurmbrands theological leanings were definiately focused toward the Orthodox branch of the Catholic church. And also that althrough he was an intellectual, he introduced profound heresies into the writings of his books, including those gathered from Jewish mystics and the Kabala, as well as going so far as to quote Islamic mystics. Whether this was deliberate or not is up for debate. I personally believe he was rather befuddled in his theology. Is this important? Yes, of course! In fact it is key in trying to understand the very basis of what VOM is and has been all about all these years since it’s inception.

    And more….what about Tom White’s part in this? A “professed” evangelical Protestant Christian…..and yet, was complicit in introducing Catholic heresy right into his newsletters, such as promoting the writings of Madame Guyon, a Catholic “mystic”, as well as the continuation of supporting ecuminism. Shall we also include that the donations supporting VOM were used in a large part to fund Catholic causes? All over the VOM globe.

    A valid question at this point might be, just who was Tom White? Really? How did he manage to ingratiate himself into the Wurmbrand confidences? More on this has been included in another of my posts:

    I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but with the caution to do your own research and ask yourself the question, is the foundation of VOM really an evangelical service, or is it basically a Catholic front, tossing a few crumbs to the evangelical cause to make things look good and on the up and up?

    And…does it matter? I for one believe honesty and transparency should be of the utmost importance, and I don’t believe we have gotten that from VOM, even with Wurmbrand and Tom White both out of the picture.

    • Williaam Mazzulla says:

      Michael Wurmbrand the now elderly son of Richard & Sabrina Wurmbrand has been trying to get an investigation of Tom White’s sexual abuse for White’s last 2 years before White commited suicide and of use or misuse of funds donated VOM. Michael was fired from his parents ministry for his questions and

      • Scarlett says:

        I know that. I’ve read his public appeal. And, and much as I may disagree with his father’s personal theology, my sympathies are totally with him. It shows the corruptness of the present hierarchy at VOM to have acted so abominably toward the son of the founder, Richard Wurmbrand. VOM has seriously “morphed” and taken on a life of it’s own over the years.

        You may tell him, he may look into the public records at the Washington Courthouse located in Bartlesville, OK, the headquarter of US VOM, and by virtue of the Pubic Information Act, access the investigation and arrest of Tom White for a “Peeping Tom” charge by the Bartlesville PD, (that apparently predated by some length of time), the molestation investigation that led to Tom White’s suicide. He may be able to do this online, or via the postal service.

        Also, I had found, when I began investigating this, at the time of his suicide, a post on the Pathos Forum, that the charges of pedophilia of Tom White were true. This was from an individual who had traveled with White to various foreign countries, as an Interpreter, or guide, for 10 yrs; I’m not sure which. VOM has apparently been involved in covering up some of these things, in order to “keep it in the house” and the VOM operation “squeaky clean”, at least on the surface.

        When VOM shut Michel Wurmbrand out, I believe it was partially in order to prevent an independent investigation into VOM and some of the bizarre and sordid issues concerning Tom White, who had changed his name to Rolland Lamb. (also on record), and traveled extensively under both names. Ask yourself why would the executive CEO of the US VOM at the time, change his name, or….was he covering up some covert operations?

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